Paintball Abu Dhabi

Being an exciting game, many travellers to Abu Dhabi love to enjoy paintball Abu Dhabi.  In fact, it is an excellent way to make your trip to the city more thrilling.

Simply spend a full day at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort where you can participate in different activities including paintball. People who come to Abu Dhabi will not leave the city without enjoying a round of this game with their friends and family members.

You will simply love to visit the stunning Al Forsan International Sports Resort as approaching this fabulous destination is just like entering a beautiful city. By spending Dhs55, you can enter the fantastic sports resort. Out of this entry fee, Dhs 25 is credited for the activity that you choose. If your choice is a paintball game, then a shuttle bus takes you to the paintball area once you are inside the resort.

In addition to paintball, you can enjoy many different activities at this resort. The best feature of paintball is that you can make your day very interesting and exciting by playing the game with your friends or family members. If you are skilled in this game, you can win it with a little dedication.

Since paintball is offered in groups, it is advisable for you to come up with around 40 friends. There is a digital registration centre at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort where first timers need to check in. After that they can collect paintballs and outfits from the counter.  You will certainly love to play the game in canvas jumpsuits in your groups. However, you must remember to button up all the way in order to protect you from the paint. It is also advisable to wear a thick foam breastplate before play the game.

Get ready to play the paintball at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort after wearing the facemask. However, you do not require any helmet to play the game.  If you choose packages to enjoy the game, then you can find different scenarios like WWII Pacific Island and Wild West.  You can choose from different games at this resort like Protect the VIP, Capture the Flag and Elimination.

One of the best features of paintball is that it offers different possibilities. In fact, this feature of the game makes it more interesting whenever you play it.  If you are avid fan of paintball game, then just visit the fantastic Al Forsan International Sports Resort and any of its indoor plant domes.  Once you enter the game area, you must remember to protect your eyes by putting your mask down. Play the game till your energy runs out.

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