Enjoy Indoor Sports In Abu Dhabi With Innovative Facilities

The extreme temperature during summer season force many natives and travelers to search for different exciting indoor sports in Abu Dhabi with innovative facilities to stay active. Fortunately, you can find many thrilling sports and games for the people in the country to enjoy without going outside in the extreme heat.

As you know it is difficult for the traveler to keep moving with the oppressive heat in the country. However, you can make your trip to the country exciting by searching different options like swimming, gyms and attending fitness classes. There is an amateur sports organization based in UAE called Duplays offers numerous choices for athletes to enjoy especially for the off season.

Duplays offers a range of sports activities and events for the new players and existing teams. Football, basketball, table tennis, bowling, volleyball and badminton are some of their summer offerings. Athletes can play their favorites sports and games in the comfort of air conditioning and modern indoor facilities. If you are among those who prefer to sweat, then you can consider beach volleyball, outdoor football or even running.

Duplays organizes tournaments also for the players. Hold events is an excellent way to accommodate sports in the summer season. If you visit country in the month of July, you can enjoy basketball and football tournaments which will be held on July 22. The games are open for the new as well as the existing teams and it will start at 9 pm on July 22nd.

Duplays organizes tournaments for group of 5 players and the football tournament will take place at Zayed Sports City at the indoor court of FGB Arena. They arranged groups of four and allow playing each other for 15 to 25 minutes based on the available time and number of teams. The champions will win the medals and trophy. They are also entitled to get vouchers to Circle Cafe Abu Dhabi located in Al Raha Gardens.

In addition to different tournaments, Duplays also introduces several competitions for about four week after the Eid break. These competitions are for indoor volleyball, football, bowling and basketball. The best feature of these competitions is they are open to both the individuals and the teams. They also provide the free agent options for the players to help to get connected in their communities.

As an organization, Duplays has been getting momentum in the country slowly for the last two years. There are many advantages of choosing indoor games while you are on a vacation to Abu Dhabi. It is an amazing way to be a part of the team and making friends.

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