Nelliyampathy is a famous hill station in Kerala located nearly 52 kilometers away from Palakkad. There are so many exotic destinations in this state which are less popular but do not miss out them during your trip to Kerala. Many things make Nelliyampathy a unique hill station and spectacular such as its evergreen forests, tea, coffee, cardamom and orange plantations that enriched with misty mountains and panoramic valleys. Often called as the ‘poor man’s Ooty’, this grand hill station offers several thrilling activities also like trekking. Get more details about Nelliyampathy and book your taxi to this destination through our website

An Enchanting Hill Station

Kerala is renowned for its marvelous hill stations and most of them are part of Western Ghats. It is just a matter of choice for the travelers to decide which of them for their holidays. Even though Nelliyampathy is not famous as of Munnar and Thekkady, it is also an enchanting tourist destination popular for its extensive tea, coffee, cardamom and orange plantations. This hill station is located at an altitude that ranging from 465m to 1570 meters above sea level. One of the great attractions of this hill station is that it is not commercialized like other hilly tourist places like Munnar, Ooty and Kodaikanal.

For Spectacular Sunsets

Even though Nelliyampathy is a suitable place to visit throughout the year, this region is more crowded during winter season. It shall be a beautiful experience to watch sunsets here. Nelliyampathy is definitely an astonishing tourist destination surrounded by mountains that offers 3600views. Covered in the flimsy clouds, the scenic beauty of the Nelliyampathy hills is mesmerizing. In fact, the breathtaking nature makes it a popular tourist destination of Palakkad district. Like its varying altitude, this destination shows regular variation in its climate also. The panoramic nature along with its majestic landscapes makes it an ideal destination for a quaint vacation.

Famous For Different Plantations

Located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, you need to drive up from the serene town of Nenmara to reach the Nelliyampathy Hills.   With fragrant gardens of cardamom, tea and coffee all the way, driving to this region is also make you thrilled. These hills are also famous for its delicious oranges and travelers to Nelliyampathy do not forget to take halt in order to buy and taste them. You can also see some magnificent resorts and houses on the way up against the backdrop of the captivating hills. However, the view from the top of the hills is the most rewarding experience of this trip. Each visitor shall never forget the view of the fluffy clouds atop their head and the charming mountain roads with carpets of delectable coffee and tea plants. No doubt, Nelliyampathy is must-visit destination for each nature lover to Kerala.

Pothundy Dam

People who visit the Nelliyampathy Hills for a refreshing experience do not forget to visit the nearby Pothundy Dam. It is also a famous tourist destination in the Palakkad district with picturesque hills. The water from the dam and the panoramic hills in the backdrop make this destination a renowned picnic spot in the district. This dam also has a park nearby ideal to spend some time with children. Being a construction marvel, watching this dam is also exciting. The beauty of the dam and the surroundings will be enhanced during monsoon season. Do not forget to visit this picnic spot if you plan a trip to the enchanting Nelliyampathy Hills.

How To Reach

Located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, Nelliyampathy Hills is within 2 kilometers radius of the city. Travelers can take KSRTC buses or hire taxi from the different areas of Palakkad City to reach this beautiful tourist spot.

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