Nehru Trophy Boat Race

The onset of the monsoon means the season of boat races in Kerala but none is more important or prestigious than the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Named after the former PM, the race is held in Alleppey on the Punnamada backwaters and is fiercely contested by at least 70 colourful and richly decorated boats and attended by scores of people.       

Kerala is a beautiful Indian state renowned for its colorful boat races. This stunning state comes alive during monsoon season with exciting boat races. In fact, a lot of travelers from across the globe visit this tourist destination each year to enjoy its panoramic nature, indulge in different activities and watch its colorful festivals. These boat races and colorful festivals show the rich culture and tradition of Kerala. Nehru Trophy boat race is the most popular boat race in the state.

Vibrant And Battling Boat Races

Just like its scenic nature, Kerala is also famous for its battling and vibrant boat races.  Several areas in the state are famous for many colorful events. Kuttanad and Upper Kuttanad regions are highly popular for such water activities. The natives in these areas enjoy boat races because the main occupations of them are fishing and agriculture. They conduct boat races annually as a platform to show their muscle power and physique.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

If you love to enjoy marvelous boat races, plan a trip to Kerala during monsoon season. You can enjoy 4 main boat races including Nehru Trophy Boat Race during this season in and around Alleppey district in Kerala. Besides, the state offers 15 minor races also for the natives and tourists. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the main boat race in the state. It occurs every year on the second Saturday of August at the Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha.

Spectacular Boat Race

As a main boat race in the state, a lot of people gather to enjoy this Nehru Trophy Boat Race. In fact, it is truly a spectacular race because of the eye catching snake boats. Local people call these snake boats as Chundanvallams.  The rhythmic and lively boat songs known as Vanchipattu also make the event more attractive.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the biggest and most colorful boat race in the state.  This year it falls on 13th August 2016.  You can enjoy the commendable performance by the boats and their oarsmen if you attend the event. The snake boats that participate for the race maintain in a traditional way to give the best performance. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is also an effective way to improve communal harmony.

The first Nehru Trophy Boat race was conducted in 1952 as an honor when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited Alappuzha. He donated a silver trophy because he was excited and thrilled by the boat race. It was a model of a snake boat which placed on a timber abacus. All the boat race lovers and boat clubs in the area spend lakhs of rupees every year to win the trophy popularly known as Nehru trophy.

Winning this trophy can be important for each team because it is a matter of pride and prestige. Plan a trip to Alappuzha on second Saturday of August to experience Nehru Trophy Boat Race, the most interesting boat race of your life.

Undoubtedly the most prominent and exciting among the many boat races held in Kerala every monsoon, the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is held in the fond memory of an incident when in 1952, former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru attended an impromptu boat race in Alleppey and donated a trophy at the end. Held on the waters of Punnamada Lake near Alleppey every year ever since, it will be its 66th edition this time.
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