Monica Garden Bungalow

Monica Garden Bungalow offers comfortable accommodation to travelers to Valparai and helps them to enjoy camping, trekking and wildlife. With aesthetically decorated bedrooms, this bungalow is a perfect choice if you look for a fantastic family vacation in Valparai or exploring the hill station with your friends. The theme of Monica Garden Bungalow is camping and wildlife. In addition to its exquisite bedrooms, it also offers 4 stylish tents to offer accommodation to travelers. Visit to plan your Valparai holidays and make your room reservation with this property at best rates.

Well furnished rooms

Monica Garden Bungalow features 3 bedrooms and all of them furnish attractively. Besides its well designed rooms, it has a beautifully furnished drawing room, a spacious dining room and several functional fireplaces. A beautiful and well maintained garden is also a part of Monica Garden Bungalow like all other Briar Tea Bungalows. The 4,500 sq. ft bungalow also has an attractive living area, a patio and a kitchen. Three guests can accommodate in their single wooden chalets.

Stylish Tents

Monica Garden Bungalow offers 4 tents to offer accommodation to travelers aside its aesthetically decorated bedrooms.  Each of them is of 220 sq. ft and well equipped. The inside of these fairly large tents furnish elegantly and guests can stay in them in complete privacy. They also love to take walks in the surroundings of the bungalow and enjoy photography. Two people can accommodate in the tent but it is large enough to accommodate an extra bed.

Enjoy Plenty Of Activities

Valparai is famous for its panoramic nature and pleasant climate. Many nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts visit the area in order to enjoy the nature and wildlife photography. This astounding hill station is famous also for several other exciting activities such as trekking, bird watching, cycling and tea plantation walks. It is amazing to walk with your loved one through the lush tea plantations of the place.  Besides, this tourist destination offers many fantastic tourist attractions. Valparai is famous for beautiful rivulets, waterfalls, dams, hills and streams.

A Safe Holiday Retreat

Monica Garden Bungalow is a safe holiday hideaway where travelers can enjoy the beauty of nature without any difficulty. The compounds of the bungalow are secured by using automated warning systems and electric fence. Each unit of the bungalow also secured and make safe with lighting arresters and fire fighting equipments. Besides, they have alert security forces in order to guard the property day and night.

Enjoy some comfortable and cozy holidays in Valparai with Monica Garden Bungalow. They provide everything to make your stay safe and enjoyable. Get more information about this property and to book your room at discounted rates through our website

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