Liwa Desert Safari

If you have been to the Emirate and you have not exploited the Liwa Desert Safari, then it was a golden chance missed. Liwa is a world of fascinating sand dunes and date plantations. It is one of the most bewitching oasis of the world. Many fun filled activities are included in the desert safari packages in Liwa. Enjoy the thrills and Abudhabi Desert adventures of the unpredictable Liwa through a desert safari. It will worth your time and money. We will never expect that desert can offer such unending surprises to us, unless we visit Liwa.

Liwa is an oasis that is on the boundary of the Empty Quarter, known in the native language as the Rub Al Khali, which is the world’s largest continuous desert. This area habitats fresh water pools and date plantations. The massive sand dunes of Liwa is a great attraction of the desert safaris. Liwa area is dotted with few towns and villages. One of the most attractive feature of the desert safari in Liwa is the changing colour of the sands. You can enjoy this beautiful phenomena at dawn and dusk. The tourists are astonished by the finesse of such a unique sight.

Liwa Desert Safari will turn out to be an unsurpassed experience to each and every visitor. In Liwa, you can ride for hours without meeting a single person or inhabited area, with just the endless desert and the herds of camel.

You can enjoy the grandiose sand dunes during the desert safari. At night you can set a camp and enjoy the endless sky before you with millions of stars. Relaxing in the never ending desert, watching the stars, far from the madding crowd will be a soothing experience.

Many tour operators that offer the desert safaris in Liwa will also offer the package of fun filled activities. You can pamper your taste buds with the authentic and tasty Arabian cuisine. You can be astounded by the beautiful belly dancing which is a dance form of Arabia having fans all over the world. You can also watch the falcon fighting in your camp, which is a traditional Arabian sport.

Thus a Liwa Desert Safari will help you to get intimated by the culture and tradition of the emirate. Desert is the soul of Arabia and you will be surprised by the beauty of the desert safari.

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