Kochi’s Hidden Gems: Day Trip for Families

Experience a delightful family outing by embarking on a day trip encompassing 7 picturesque destinations. Explore the enchanting forest trails near Kothamangalam in Ernakulam district, where you’ll discover Kerala’s longest suspension bridge and traverse through the seven captivating scenic spots nearby. Engage in activities such as trekking, bird watching, river rafting, and boating, providing endless enjoyment for all ages. Plan this adventure during the mid-summer vacation and create lasting memories with your children.


Located just ten kilometers away from Kothamangalam, Bhoothathankettu offers breathtaking scenic vistas alongside its iconic dam. Steeped in legend, the old dam, rumored to have been constructed by demons, adds to the allure of this tourist destination. Immerse yourself in the rustic ambiance, surrounded by lush forests and serene boat rides, enhancing your Bhoothathankettu experience. Don’t miss out on exploring the children’s park, ascending the watchtower, and trekking along the Kanana Path, the main attractions of this locale. Travelers arriving by train can easily catch a bus to Kothamangalam upon alighting at Aluva railway station.


Thattekad serves as a sanctuary for numerous bird species, both resident and migratory. It is home to diverse inhabitants ranging from the mountain squirrel to the majestic king vampala. Renowned as the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, it entices tourists with opportunities for boating along the Periyar River. Traveling from Kothamangalam to Bhuthathanketta inevitably leads one to Thattekad. Bird enthusiasts, including international visitors, often camp here to witness some of the world’s rarest avian species, such as the elusive frog-winged parrot.


Kuttampuzha presents captivating landscapes for tourists to admire. Traveling through Kuttampuzha, with its untamed streams and towering trees, is rejuvenating. During summer, visitors may also witness the enchanting spectacle of elephants congregating along the banks of the Periyar River. Exploring local attractions and savoring authentic cuisine ensures an unforgettable journey to Kuttampuzha.

Inchathotty Suspension Bridge

The journey from Thattekad to Inchatotti Suspension Bridge is relatively short. This bridge stands as the longest suspension bridge in Kerala. Inchathotti is accessible by boat from Bhuthathankett through the Periyar River. Nestled between the Periyar River and a protected forest, Inchathotti is a picturesque village. For travelers heading to Munnar via Nerrimangalam, reaching Inchathotti is convenient, traversing scenic forest roads to arrive at this charming destination.


Ayyappanmudi sprawls across 1,300 acres of rocky terrain, nestled at an altitude of approximately 700 feet. While journeying from Kothamangalam to Thattekad, after traveling half a kilometer, you’ll encounter a road on the right. Continue for another one and a half kilometers to reach this site. Legend has it that Ayyappan, during his hunting expeditions, visited this area, perhaps leading to the establishment of a small Ayyappa temple atop the rock. Adjacent to the temple lies a perennial pond. Witnessing the morning sunrise and evening sunset from the hilltop is a breathtaking experience, with the vast river below adding to the scenic panorama. As dusk settles, one can perch on the rocks, feeling the gentle breeze, and observe the countryside aglow under the electric lights. Despite lacking deliberate tourist attractions, Ayyappanmudi remains an undiscovered gem. Visitors, however, are certain to cherish a distinctive experience amidst this expansive rocky landscape.

Nadukani Mala

Nadukani Mala lies 12 kilometers away from Kothamangalam. Alighting at Nadukani Kavala by bus, one can embark on a steep ascent for approximately one kilometer, rewarded with breathtaking vistas. Also recognized as St. Thomas Hill, Nadukani Mala is a haven for trekking enthusiasts. Amidst the embrace of natural splendor, visitors can behold magnificent sunrises and sunsets. However, caution is advised during the rainy season, as the steep cliffs pose a risk of slipping, making it unsuitable for climbing Nadukani Mala at that time.

Kallil Temple

Located approximately ten kilometers from Kothamangalam, the Kallil temple is accessible via routes from Perumbavoor and Muvattupuzha. Nestled beneath an immense stone that remains suspended above ground, this temple holds historical significance as one of the ancient centers of Jainism. The Kallilmala and its environs are graced with abundant natural beauty. According to legend associated with this Devi temple, when the goddess transformed, the ascending stone formed the roof while the descending stone became her seat.

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