Kerala – The Land Of Wonders

Kerala, the land of wonders included in the National Geographic Traveller’s list of World’s ten Paradises Found.

Kerala, highly acclaimed as God’s Own Country is a small state, formed on 1st November 1956,  situated in the south western part of India, on the Malabar Coast. Situated in the south western part of India, It is located between the widely spread Western Ghats and the cool blue Arabian Sea. It attracts the attention of every tourist, who are awestruck by the wondrous beauty of this charming land. A poet has rightly said “If there is a paradise on earth, then this is it”. This enticing tropical place easily fits in with the description of Eden, the eternal paradise, with deep red soil, shimmering beaches, land carpeted with emerald green nature, brackish backwaters and strikingly blue sea.

The experiences that Kerala has to offer the visitors are multitudinous. The chain of backwaters braiding their way through the greenery, fanciful villages that adorn the picturesque hills, lengthy beaches decorated with coconut palms and bone white soil, rich, rare and beautiful flora and fauna, admirably designed temples, mosques and churches, the pleasant and refreshing climate, people appreciated for their hospitality, a vibrant and vivid tradition of festivals, cultures, arts and crafts- all these splendors make Kerala the heavenly tourist destination. The temptations that Kerala holds for you is myriad. To top them all, Kerala is the native land of Ayurveda a 5000 year old holistic medicine system that refreshes and rejuvenates the body, mind and soul and enhances the life expectancy.

Smitten by its immortal charm and seduced by the reputation of Kerala as the Spice garden of India, travelers from all over the world visited Kerala from times immemorial. The daring voyagers who crossed seven seas to visit their favorite destination included Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the English. Each foreign traveler who visited Kerala left their mark not only in the soil of Kerala, but also on the history and culture of Kerala. This transformed Kerala into the ravishing meeting place of myriads of culture and heritage from across the world.

Travelers who come to Kerala to rediscover the splendor that this land has to offer are increasing day by day. Kerala is considered as the top tourist destination in India which embodies the rich heritage, culture and tradition of mysterious India. The opportunities that this land has to offer the tourists are multicolored. If you are looking for a place that offers tranquility, romance, sensuality or adventure –Kerala will satisfy your yearning desires. The most attractive part is that there is only a little journey from one tourist destination to another.

The authenticity that Kerala offers is genuine and true to the core. There is not a sign of conceit in the whole offerings of Kerala. The affection, ardor and compassion of the people of Kerala is heartfelt. Once you come to Kerala, you will be enticed to visit this God’s Own country again and again.

Kerala, the land of wonders included in the National Geographic Traveller’s list of World’s ten Paradises Found still remains unexplored by mass tourism. This fact will be luring you to visit Kerala, the mesmerizing land of magic and exquisiteness.

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