Kerala Adventure Tour

Kerala – The Paradise Of Adventure Tourists

Through this article, we are exploring the unexplored part of Kerala that is the perfect destination for people who embodies the spirit of adventure tour. Kerala, God’s own Country is gifted with thick forests, deep gorges and magnificent mountain ranges. All these thrilling landscape makes Kerala the best choice for adventure tourism. The net of backwaters and the numerous beaches that spread across the long coastline of Kerala are the bonus advantages of visiting this small state. Kerala lures adventure tourists because most of the mountain ranges and forests are untraversed by visitors. This adds to the charm of thrilling adventures in Kerala.

Trekking, kayaking, biking, camping – it seems that the list of adventures that we can attempt in Kerala is never ending. Thekkady, Munnar and Gavi are the favorite destinations of adventure tourists. Munnar is a hill stationenamored with tea plantations and mountain ranges. It is the most sought out place for trekking. In fact, most of the tourists who visit India, consider Munnar as the best place for this adventurous activity. The beauty of the vastly spread mountains ranges and crystal clear streams are inviting to the daring tourists in Munnar. The trekking starts at an elevation of 1000 m and passes up to 2500 m. The splendor of the Western Ghatsthat we can view while trekking makes this expedition more fruitful.

Kayaking is another favorite sport of the spirited people who visit Kerala. Backwater kayaking can be done in Nedumudi in Alappuzha district. It is the best way to delve into the brackish backwaters of Kerala. If you are intending for river kayaking, then Periyar River will be the perfect option. While kayaking through the Periyar you can enjoy the beauty of the thick green forests. You can also come eye to eye with the wildlife of the forests including tiger, elephant and rare birds.

For all those daring people out there biking through the steep terrains and the zig zag roads of Munnar will be an adventure that you were waiting for. Munnar is an unconventional destination for biking. Come face your fear and win over it. For a hassle free biking adventure, you can either choose Thekkady or Periyar. As you travel through Kumily, you will be spellbound by the fascinating spice plantations on both sides of the road.

Camping will give you a fun filled atmosphere full of enjoyment. The best place to camp in Kerala is the tranquil Silent Valley area. You can also explore the vastly spread Western Ghats, which is applauded as the highest peak in Kerala, blessed with rich biodiversity. You can also embark upon a jungle safari in the Tholpetty Wild life sanctuary, Wayanad. You can encounter tigers and elephants in the wild life sanctuary.

Kerala gifts you with all the above mentioned adventures. If adventure is in your blood, then you have come to the right destination in the world.

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