Kerala Adventure Tour

Kerala, known as “God’s Own Country,” offers a range of adventure activities for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts. Here’s a list of popular adventure tours you can consider when planning a trip to Kerala:

  1. Trekking and Camping: The Western Ghats in Kerala are a paradise for trekkers. Places like Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady offer several trekking trails through tea and spice plantations, dense forests, and picturesque hills. You can embark on treks to popular peaks like Anamudi, Meesapulimala, and Chembra Peak. Camping is also a popular activity, allowing you to spend a night amidst nature.
  2. Wildlife Safaris: Kerala is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks where you can go on thrilling wildlife safaris. Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady is renowned for its elephant herds and the opportunity to spot tigers, while Silent Valley National Park offers a chance to witness rare and endangered species. Other notable wildlife destinations include Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and Eravikulam National Park.
  3. Bamboo Rafting: Experience the thrill of bamboo rafting in Periyar Tiger Reserve. It involves cruising through the tranquil waters of Periyar Lake on a bamboo raft, offering a unique opportunity to observe wildlife, especially elephants, as they come to the water’s edge for drinking and bathing.
  4. Water Sports: Kerala’s coastal regions provide ample opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. Head to destinations like Kovalam, Varkala, and Alappuzha to enjoy activities such as surfing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and jet skiing. These beaches also offer picturesque sunsets and a vibrant beach culture.
  5. Paragliding: Enjoy the breathtaking views of Kerala’s landscapes from the sky through paragliding. Vagamon, located in the Idukki district, is a popular destination for paragliding. The hills and meadows of Vagamon provide an ideal setting for this adventure activity.
  6. Mountain Biking: Explore the hilly terrains and scenic landscapes of Kerala on a mountain bike. Munnar, Wayanad, and Vagamon are popular destinations for mountain biking, offering trails that cater to both beginners and experienced riders. Immerse yourself in the beauty of tea estates, spice plantations, and verdant valleys as you pedal your way through.
  7. Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in rock climbing and rappelling activities in several locations across Kerala. Places like Munnar, Wayanad, and Ponmudi offer natural rock formations and cliffs that are suitable for these adrenaline-pumping activities. Experienced guides and equipment are available for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Before engaging in any adventure activity, ensure you have proper safety gear, follow the instructions of trained guides, and choose authorized operators. It’s also advisable to check weather conditions and availabilities in advance, especially during the monsoon season (June to September).

Kerala’s diverse landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for adventure tourism, combining thrilling activities with the state’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

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