Judo Grand Slam Abu Dhabi

Judo Grand Slam Abu Dhabi

Judo Grand Slam Abu Dhabi

Popular Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Slam, is an international Federation event that is held at ADNEC. In this event it is expected that more than 650 athletes from over 69 countries will compete every year, it credits of world-champions and Olympic medalists, the US$ 150,000 event forms part of the officially sanctioned world tour.

There are great spectator prize draws and the entry is free.

Brief Description about Judo

According to the history, origin of Judo is from taken ouchi-riyu martial art system founded in 1532. It is considered as Japan’s Jujitsu forms. So we can say Judo evolved out of Jujitsu, the skill of defending oneself with nothing but with one’s body and attacking others.

It became popular when in 1882 Dr. Jigoro Kano (The father of Judo) made a complete study of the ancient self-defence forms and integrated these styles into a sport which is known as Kodokan Judo. The meaning of the word Kodikan can be defined as ko meaning ( lecture, study, method) do(way or path) and Kan (hall or place). In total it means a place to study. Like that Judo can be broken into ju(gentle) and do(way or path) or the “the gentle way”.

Prof. Kano took the best part of all the Jujitsu schools, got rid or irrelevant ones and the Kodokan Judo originated. It was recognized in a few years to be excellent since its students overwhelmed the Jujitsu athletes at the Police Bujitsu competition. Meanwhile the categorization of Kodokan Judo was completed by 1887. The Kodokan style broadly aimed three things physical education, contest proficiency and mental training.

On continuing with the organization of the Kodokan and adopting the regulations of Judo, Prof. Kano became the first Asian member of the International Olympic Committee in 1909 and worked for the reach of Judo worldwide. Later on Judo became the official event in the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 1964 with all the support of Judo lovers and sport promoters all over the globe.

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