Isha Yoga Center

People from across the world have turned to India for spiritual wisdom for centuries. There are so many outstanding spiritual centers in the country that promise them to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. Most of them redefined the idea of spirituality through different ways such as yoga, meditation or various ancient practices.  If you wish to introduce the peaceful nature of yoga into your life, then we recommend Isha Yoga Center to you. This yoga retreat is a part of the renowned Isha Foundation which is a non-profit International organization. Practicing yoga helps you to control your energy, feelings, body and soul.

Experience Peace And Tranquility

Learning Yoga and practicing meditation in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere can be a mesmerizing experience. The serene and tranquil atmosphere of Isha Yoga Center attracts people from different parts of the world. The unique ambience of this yoga retreat helps you to grow as an individual. Besides, people come as groups or with their families and involve with this centre. You love to be a part of Isha Yoga Center because you will be able to learn all the four paths of yoga here.

Follow The Spiritual Lessons Of Sadhguru

People visit Isha Yoga Center mainly to learn yoga. However, a lot of people also visit here to meet Sadhguru and listen him. They love to follow his spiritual lessons. In fact, one can get spiritual progress by following his lessons. Sadhguru of Isha Yoga Center helps his followers and visitors to include the most valid and best from the Yogic Sciences in order to lead a contemporary and peaceful life. He is a humanitarian and spiritual leader who helps you to feel inner peace and wisdom. Seek his guidance so that you will able to understand the subtle essentials of life.

Unique Architecture And Peaceful Ambience

Yoga is an important part of Indian culture. Visitors will certainly love the unique architecture of the Isha Yoga Center. Besides, it has a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The Spanda Hall is the main attraction of the yoga center which has eye catching architecture. The meditation hall has 64,000 sq. ft. suitable to conduct different programs. In fact, different groups cater residential programs in this hall.  The energy-form sitting, Dhyanalinga is a powerful and pillar-less dome structure made up of 250,000 bricks. A well maintained garden and an underground water body called Theerthakund are also attract visitors.


One cannot find any better place in South India to learn yoga than the great Isha Yoga Center. Locates on the foothills of the panoramic Velliangiri Mountains, this yoga centre provides serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is only 40 kilometers away from Coimbatore and one can easily reach the place by road, rail and air. Travelers can hire vehicles from bus station, railway station or airport in order to reach Isha Yoga Center. This is the right place where you can find peace and tranquility.

Mandatory To Register In Advance

Remember to register with this yoga retreat at least 2 weeks prior to your visit if you would like to visit this yoga retreat to meet Sadhguru and seek out inner piece. This is compulsory because it helps them to complete the registration formalities. So, just remember to inform the institution at least a month before in advance and plan your trip to this destination. It helps both the visitor as well as the staffs at the yoga center.

Get Strength And Enjoy Inner Peace

Besides Isha Yoga Centre, there are two other institutions working under Isha Foundation. They are Isha Rejuvenation Center and Isha Home School. Many families choose this yoga retreat to learn yoga because of its Vanaprastha accommodation style. This system of yoga learning allows a person to stay with his or her family while involve with this institution. Many full time volunteers and brahmacharies stay in this large residential place besides guests and workers. The calm and serene ambience of Isha Yoga Center provides mental strength and inner peace to each of its visitor.

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