How To Get A Driving License In Abu Dhabi

Driving License In Abu Dhabi
It is the dream of every expat in Abu Dhabi to obtain a driving license. However, getting the license in the UAE capital is not so easy. You can acquire the driving license in Abu Dhabi if you follow the steps for that. If you are working or residing in Abu Dhabi and interested to get the driving license, then you can acquire that if you follow the step-by-step instructions for that.
For people who would like to get the driving license in Abu Dhabi should find out the requirements to obtain it. The basic requirement to obtain an Abu Dhabi driving license is to have a residency visa. The applicant must be above 18 years old. Based on your country of origin and prior license, you can obtain the driving license in different ways. One of the best features of getting license for driving in this country is that sometimes you can acquire the license with a simple eye test if you have an international license. You need to face several steps in some other cases to obtain the driving license.
It is not allowed to drive a vehicle in Abu Dhabi with an international license. For that you need to get an Abu Dhabi license. However, if you have already an international license, you can transfer that to an Abu Dhabi one. Simply visit the Abu Dhabi Drivers License Department to get your license for driving in Abu Dhabi with documents like:

  • Emirates ID
  • A passport photo
  • Original passport and one copy of it
  • Original international driving license and one copy of it
  • A copy of your valid Abu Dhabi residency visa
  • An Arabic translation of your international license
  • A letter of objection from your visa sponsor or employer

With an existing international license, sometimes you can collect the license to drive in Abu Dhabi just after an eye test. The traffic department of Abu Dhabi approve the driving licenses issued by some countries and if you belong to any one of them, then you can obtain the driving license by undergoing the same process as that of transferring the international license to an Abu Dhabi one.
You need to go to the Emirates Driving Company to open a driving file if you have no license. It helps you to attend the theoretical courses to pass the test in order to get the license. Once you get the learning permit, you can undergo practical lessons. You can appear for the practical test after your instructor issue a ‘certificate of readiness’. Take the certificate to the Abu Dhabi Drivers License Department as a proof of your course completion.

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