History Of Kerala Boat House

Are you planning a trip to Kerala to enjoy the beauty of its sparkling backwaters? Yes, backwaters are one of the prime attractions of this picturesque Indian state. A lot of people visit Kerala each year to explore its marvelous nature and enjoy cruising along the beautiful backwaters of the state. With a large network of natural and man-made waterways, backwater cruising in Alleppey and Kumarakom can be a wonderful experience for each traveler to Kerala.

It is difficult to explain the splendor of the houseboat cruising along the shimmering backwaters of Kerala. Yes, the best way to explore the charm of these backwaters is hiring a Kerala Boat House.  Nowadays, many luxury houseboats are available to explore the beauty of the backwaters and watch the unique lifestyle of the backwater villages.  You can find the luxuries of a star hotel in some of the stylish houseboats in Kerala. For tourists, it is interesting to know the history of Kerala Boat House.

A houseboat trip is truly rejuvenating and an excellent way to get close to the enchanting nature.  In Kerala, the traditional ‘kettuvallams’ are converted to luxury houseboats.  In the local language Malayalam, vallam means boat and kettu means tying.  Kettuvallams have thatched roofs which cover the wooden hulls. Boats of different sizes and shapes have been used in Kerala traditionally for transporting passengers and cargo since ancient times.

Traditional kettuvallams used to transport rice and spices to Kochi / Cochin port from Kuttanad. A 100 feet long standard houseboat has the capacity to hold nearly 30 ton goods. That means, these traditional kettuvallams could carry as much as goods that 3 big Lorries can hold.  The accessibility of these boats to the most remote areas makes it an excellent way of transport.

Now the role of traditional kettuvallams has changed due to the arrival of advanced means of transport. Due to the increased tourism in the backwater destinations of the state, most of the traditional kettuvallams have been converted to modern houseboats following the same traditional methods and techniques. Today, people used modern houseboats to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala.

Although the concept of kettuvallams remains the same, some changes have been made to the shape and size of them in order to adapt them as cruise boats. You can see advanced appliances and fixtures in the modern luxury houseboats to provide maximum comfort. As in the traditional design of Kettuvallams, the modern luxury houseboats also made up of using natural materials like bamboo, coir and jackfruit wood.

Basically used for the transportation of passengers and cargo, the traditional kettuvallams of Kerala are now a great means to enjoying the shimmering backwaters of Kerala. Plan a trip to this 

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