Historic Tourism in Wayanad

Wayanad is a beautiful district in Kerala with high historical importance and ideal to know the rich culture, tradition and heritage of the state. In fact, it is among the most preferred districts in Kerala for historians and archaeologists because of its importance in history. The historical attractions in Wayanad certainly explain a lot about the past happenings of the state and help to get an idea about the development and progression in culture.

Archaeological importance of Wayanad

It is believed that tribal people have been present in Wayanad even during primitive eras and you can see the remnants of their lifestyle and culture from the caves seen at the base of the hills. Most of the places in this tourist destination have anthropological, historical and archaeological importance. If you visit the forests and mountain ranges of this district, you can see evidences of stone-age culture. In addition, this district houses several monuments and memorials linked to the royal set up and their families.

Popular attractions in Wayanad with historical importance:

Edakkal Caves

The majestic Edakkal Caves contains several interesting rock carvings belong to the Neolithic era. It is located almost 3 kilometers away from Ambalavayal and around 25 kilometers from Kalpetta. In fact, these engravings inspire both historians and archaeologists to modify the history of this beautiful Kerala district as it shows the presence of highly civilized people in the pre-historic age.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb

It is another great picnic centre in Wayanad with high historic importance. Located at Manathavady, this is the place where the body of King Pazhassi Raja cremated in 1805. This tomb is beautifully constructed with mud.  The eye catching aquarium is truly an attraction of this tomb.

Jain Temple at Sulthan bathery

This is an ancient Jain religious centre located almost 12 kilometers from Sulthan Bathery. This temple is made up of granite stone and believed to have built in 13th century. It is a perfect example for the unique Jain architecture.

Paingatteri Agraharam

This age old colony of Tamil Brahmins is a heritage site and located almost 7 kilometers from Mananthavady. These ancient –styled colonial houses named Agraharams are built in rows which show the classic architectural style of Tamil Brahmins. There are so many specialties for these agraharams like it have temples and small ponds inside them.

Mangalam Carp Estate

It is another must-visit attraction in Wayanad with historic importance. Located near Sulthan Bathery, this estate has extensive spice and coffee plantations. A colonial bungalow is the main attraction of the estate which is more than 140 year old. The furniture and interiors of the bungalow is truly charming.

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