Hatta Mountain Safari Abu Dhabi

Hatta Mountain Safari is a half-day tour to the 200 year old village of Hatta, located in the jagged Hajjar Mountains. The departure is scheduled early in 4×4 vehicles, on the way there is halt at popular street markets called FRIDAY MARKET. Here you can find local carpet, potteries and others. And after it comes the restored 16 Century Hatta Fort, followed by Hatta Dam.

The travel through the road will take you to the mountains, and then comes the adventurous drive through the rocky landscape. This o is highly beneficial as you would witness scenes of great and unexpected beauty; we pass big and small Wadis and lush landscapes, surrounded by small settlements and villages deep in the mountains.

There is opportunity to explore the Wadis and dry river beds, which are flooded with winter rains from the Hajar Mountains. Take a swim in one of these Wadis, it will be a great refreshment in the winter month.

Lunch: You have option of Arabic food (MANDI -Mandi is usually made from meat (lamb or chicken), basmati rice, and a mixture of spices) on the mountain after a swim. For Continental Food lovers we have other option at Hatta Port Hotel.

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