Dune Bashing In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has sporadic palm plantations given it much needed green as a relief to the long stretching barren lands. The terrain here is rocky and barren with lots of dunes close to highways. Here and there, you could see patches of green holding sand around it and the scope of Dune bashing is tremendous.

Al Khatim Desert a few kilometers far from Abu Dhaib is a perfect place for Dune Bashing. The sky over is clear and is astonishingly blue and under it lies the highest sand dunes in the world. A great opportunity awaits you to try an exhilarating ride which is at times heart stopping over the constantly shifting sand dunes that will fill you with marvel and gift you with loads of excitement.

Another attraction of this place is camping overnight, and is very popular attraction. Many tour operators offer packages that are liked by many. Over here you could enjoy the dazzling sunsets that sizzle over the horizon of continuous sand dunes in red, after it follows the moon that lit the sky with its light hue and million stars freckled around.

Vast span of desert that lies outside the Liwa oasis in the Western Region is ideal for adrenaline fuelled off-road driving. Having 300 meter dunes and long sand valleys, the desert driving wouldn’t be boring affair. Go for a four wheeler drive through deserts, not alone, but should go in a group, and have your stomach full of adventure.

The trip to Liwa is a two hour drive from Abu Dhabi City. The ride is through bumpy trail and meandering sands. And there is a halt for taking light snack in the golden ambience of the desert. Camel Rock, Saddle Rock and Fossil Rock all these are part of the desert which you will come across.

The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari then heads to old settlements and camel farms, here you can understand and explore the traditional nomadic desert life styles. Then it is lunch time, after it you can go to see desert live-stock and animals. In the night set the tent in the desert for night watching the sky and its movements.

Morning wake up to see the beautiful sunrise of the desert, before you return trip back to Abu Dhabi city.

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