Guide to Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Ayurveda can be defined as the medical side of yoga. This trusted traditional natural healing system has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years.

Ayurvedic resorts are popular destinations for relaxation and rejuvenation in Kerala; ayurvedic hospitals meanwhile treat people more serious health problems.

What are the Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine:

Ayurvedic is doing wonders for metabolic, stress related, and chronic conditions. Treatments turn effective in relieving the effects of surgery and debilitating treatments such as chemotherapy. Ayurveda is also famous for general rejuvenation and beauty care.

What is the Process for AyurvedicTreatment:

Ayurveda is a pranic system of medicine which acts to balance the body’s life energy known as the doshas. This balance can be attained by following diet, different types of massage, soaking the body with herbal liquid, and anointing the body with herbal leaves and powders. You will be evaluated by an experienced and qualified doctor and he will decide the treatment program that addresses the root of your problem. Usually, at least a couple of weeks are required to complete a full course of ayurvedic treatment. Though it is all possible to get simple renewal treatments like ayurvedic massage themselves.

When is the Best Time to Receive Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala?

To go for a round of ayurvedic treatment the best time is during the rainy season that is from June to September. It is ideal because the atmosphere remains cool, moist, and dust free and helps the body’s pores to open, making it most receiving to herbal oils and therapy.

Where is Ayurvedic Treatment Available in Kerala?

Southern state of Kerala is full of renowned centres that offer ayurvedic treatments and the conducive climate and abundant supply of medicinal plants and herbs also makes it the right place to choose.

How Much Does Ayurvedic Treatment Cost?

Ayurvedic hospitals are the most affordable option. At these hospitals you are able to receive treatment for around $1,000 per month excluding accommodation.

What are the Best Ayurvedic Hospitals in Kerala?

The right places to get original ayurvedic treatment in India are the ayurvedic hospitals managed by the AryaVaidySala charitable institution and SreeChithraAyur Home. These hospitals are run excellently and follow the right treatment procedures according to the texts.

These places offer attractive discounts for stays during the monsoon season.

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