God’s Own Country Kerala 15 Trip Getaways Ideas

If you are tired of your regular busy schedule and looking for a vacation that gives some peace and refreshment, Kerala is an ideal place for you. Several beautiful places are there in this South Indian state that stores a lot for those who wish to get lost in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. In fact, many getaways are there in this destination which mesmerizes each visitor with its abundant natural beauty. Check out these lovely getaways in Kerala that certainly fill your holidays with beautiful memories that you will treasure forever.


Cochin / Kochi, the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala is a must-visit destination because of its awe-inspiring tourist attractions. This vibrant city has a rich history as a famous trading port. The Chinese Fishing Nets, Portuguese houses, St. Francis Church, Jewish Synagogue etc are evidence for that. There are many excellent hangouts in the city like the eclectic Kashi Art Café. The coffee culture of Kochi is very famous and the restaurants and cafes in the city draw a large creative crowd. The city has many luxurious and affordable hotels that offer comfortable stay if you are here for leisure activities or business purposes. Kochi has two major railway stations and an airport.

Munroe Island

Munroe Island located near the Kollam city is an overlooked holiday getaway in Kerala. It is a hidden pearl in the beautiful backwaters composed of a cluster of 8 islands. Each of these islands is separated by either lakes or small water channels. Named after John Munroe, the Resident Colonel of the former princely state of Travancore, this island getaway attracts travelers with its tranquil and peaceful setting.

Even if it is an overlooked destination, it has high potential in terms of tourism. The canal cruise, narrow waterways and the Kallada Boat race during the festival of Onam are the prime attractions of Munroe Island. Several mangrove species and nearly 57 avian species including both migratory and resident birds make this place more fascinating. Kollam City is about 27 kilometers away from this island and the nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram which is at a distance of around 80 kilometers.


Kasaragod, the northernmost district of Kerala is home to numerous tourist attractions. This district is blessed with immaculate beaches, beautiful temples and captivating forts. Kasaragod Town is an ideal base for travelers who wish to explore this tourist destination. The seaside Bekal Fort is truly a great attraction of this district which takes a few hours to explore. This fort has tunnels, a water tank, well-maintained lawns and an observatory. People who visit the fort also love to take a swim in the ocean after their walk around the fort. The nearest Ananthapura Lake Temple, a 9th century temple is also worth visiting. Check the tour guide of Kochi Taxi if you wish to get more idea about the forts and beaches in Kasaragod. Kasaragod has its own railway station and the Mangalore International airport is the nearest airport which is only 59 kilometers away.


Plan a trip to Kovalam if you are looking for a beach break in Kerala. This internationally acclaimed beach destination is one of the hot tourist spots in the country. Located by the Arabian Sea, this lovely spot fascinates travelers with its three crescent-shaped beaches. Once a fishing village, Kovalam is now a fabulous beach destination with its waterfront lined with plenty of restaurants, shops and hotels. You will be able to enjoy panoramic ocean views by climbing more than 150 odd steps of the observation deck of the lighthouse at the Lighthouse Beach. Go for scuba diving or some surfing lessons at the Kovalam Surf Club if you look for an adrenaline rush. Kovalam is only 14 kilometers away from the Trivandrum International Airport and the Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station is only 13 kilometers from this destination.


Another great beach destination in Kerala, Varkala fascinates travelers with its bright blue waters, sandy shores and exciting surf lessons. Many tourists flock to the North and South Cliffs of this destination as these areas are more traveler-friendly. There are so many stalls and cafes lined the North cliffs that sell silver jewelry, colorful clothes and leather items. You may love the idea of watching the sunset from this destination with a glass of cold coffee.

Do not forget to make your way to the Papansasam Beach down the cliff to take a dip to the water in order to wash away all your worldly sins. A lot of pilgrims visit this beach for carrying out ancestral rites. This destination is also blessed with many Ayurvedic resorts, yoga centers and surf schools to refresh the body and mind of travelers. Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to Varkala which is at a distance of 48 kilometers and this getaway has its own railway station.


Calicut, also known as Kozhikode is a haven for food lovers. The eateries and restaurants in this destination offer a wide range of delicious dishes. You can feel the strong Arab influence in each of the dish at this place be it their Malabari Biryani or beef fry. It shall be a wonderful experience to enjoy a plateful of steaming appams along with mouthwatering stew. Calicut has a rich history as a port city and each corner of it has remainders of its forgotten past. Today, it is just a pit stop for people who are on the way to Wayanad. With picturesque countryside to fabulous beaches, you can enjoy some fantastic time in this historically rich city. Calicut has its own railway station and airport.


You will love to include Kannur in your travel itinerary for many reasons. Being a gateway to ancient temples, Portuguese forts, amazing bakeries and home to Thalasserry Biryani, it shall be a wonderful idea to plan a trip to this northern part of Kerala. One of the most attractive features of Kannur is the opportunity to catch a Theyyam performance. Originated in this region, this dance form is continued to attract audiences. This beautiful getaway rich in heritage is ideal to spend a weekend. Calicut International Airport is the closest airport to Kannur which is at a distance of 115 kilometers. Kannur has its own railway station.


You will love the idea of visiting a tea factory to get a quick picture about the tea making process. Just plan a trip to Munnar to take a stroll through the extensive tea plantations and see how to make your everyday cup of tea. The hill side of this tourist destination is covered by large tea plantations. It shall be a memorable experience to visit the kolukkumalai, the highest tea plantation in the world. It is nearly 38 kilometers away from Munnar Town. Munnar also offers many tourist attractions like Mattupetty Dam and Dairy Farm, Eravikulam National park, Echo Point and Kundala Lake. Even if Munnar lies across the Tamil Nadu border, it is easily accessible from Kerala. Cochin International Airport is approximately 107 kilometers away from this town while Aluva railway station is almost 108 kilometers away.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the most fascinating wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is truly mesmerizing. It is among the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in the state which is home to the rare Nilgiri Tahr. This picnic spot is a part of the 3,500-sqkm Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can watch many other unique animal species during their visit to the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary other than Nilgiri Tahr such as the endangered lion-tailed macaques, bonnet macaques, tigers, elephants, gaur and Nilgiri Langurs. You can also spot leopards occasionally in this sanctuary. November to March is the best time to visit this picnic spot. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is almost 30 kilometers away from Trivandrum International Airport and almost 20 kilometers from the nearest Neyyittinkara railway station.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Popular among tourists as tiger and elephant reserve, the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady is an ideal spot for family vacation. Each visitor to this destination prefers to take strolls through the reserve that filled with the fragrance of cardamom, thanks to the rich spice plantations around it. One of the great attractions of this tourist spot is that visitors can have immersive experience than other popular sanctuaries in South India.

Periyar Tiger Reserve has the facilities to enjoy rafting and even camp in the midst of forest. Although you can spot tigers very rarely, it shall be exciting for the visitors to accompany the forest guards during camping on their night patrol. You will be able to spot rare lion-tailed macaques or tiny tiger butterflies on your guided walks in the forest. Periyar Tiger Reserve is approximately 158 kilometers away from Cochin/Kochi International Airport. The nearest Kottayam railway station is about 102 kilometers from this reserve.


The postcard-perfect sceneries are the highlight of the backwater destination of Alappuzha. The tall coconut groves that arch towards the azure blue backwaters of the Vembanad Lake shall be a captivating view for each visitor to this destination. A backwater cruise along the sparkling waters of the Vembanad in a luxurious houseboat makes your trip to Alappuzha an unforgettable travel experience. With plenty of private tour operators who offer exciting rides, booking a houseboat cruising is not at all difficult for the travelers. People who do not prefer long boat rides can opt for four-hour shorter rides in boats.

Outlined by arched coconut trees, you will appreciate the beauty of this backwater destination. The silence of your backwater ride is broken only with the slap of the oar against the blue water and the calls of birds. Each traveler loves the idea of taking a halt at the lakeside stalls to taste lip smacking prawn curries and fish fries. The most attractive part is that these dishes are made from the freshest catch. The best time to visit Alappuzha is during the boat racing season as this sleepy town gets a festive mood at that time. Alappuzha has its own railway station and this backwater destination is approximately 83 kilometers away from the nearest Cochin/Kochi International Airport.


Wayanad is an ideal destination for people who look forward to enjoy some adventure activities. Dotted with thick forests and rich flora and fauna, this hill station in northern Kerala is made up of mesmerizing mountains of Western Ghats. Wayanad Wildlife Santuary is another highlight of this tourist spot that spread over into the neighboring states of both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. A trekking to the lovely Chembra Peak is a must-do activity during your holidays in Wayanad. Rich in rows of tea and coffee plantations, rice paddy fields and tall bamboo trees, even kids can enjoy trekking in this spot. The majestic Banasura Hill Resort is a good base for tourists who wish to enjoy trekking to the Chembra Peak. Kozhikode is the nearest railway station to Wayanad which is about 88 kilometers away while Kozhikode/Calicut International Airport is almost 98 kilometers from this hill station.


Be it temples, cultural performances or food, Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala has all the charms to attract travelers. It is a favorite destination for many people because they can spend some warm holidays in this city with all the advantages of urban comforts. Visit a local eatery first to taste delicious appams and stew before you started to explore the heritage of the city. Each visitor to Thiruvananthapuram prefers to visit the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, perhaps the wealthiest religious institution in the world, to experience its grand expanse. The vaults of this temple are said to hold gems, gold and antiques worth more than $20 billion.

Also visit the nearby Napier Museum for more experience which houses many archeological artifacts. You can take a look of the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Svetoslav Roerich and Nicholas at this museum. Enjoying a Kathakali performance at Margi will also be a wonderful experience for each visitor to this culturally-rich city. Reaching Thiruvananthapuram will not be a problem for travelers as this destination has its own airport and railway station.

Soma Kerala Palace near Kochi

Soma Kerala Palace is wonderful place to spend your holidays in Kerala. One of the highlights of this tourist spot is that it is accessible only by boat. Situated in a tiny island paradise off the coast of Chempu Villge, this beautiful resort showcases the rich architectural styles of Kerala. The traditional cottages of Soma Kerala Palace represent various schools of Kerala architecture. People who book their accommodation in this resort do not forget to enjoy rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments and massages at their spa. The restaurants of this resort serve delicious local delicacies such as Karemeen pollichathu (roasted pearl spot wrapped in banana leaves). Soma Kerala Palace is nearly 48 kilometers away from Cochin/Kochi International airport. The nearest Ernakulam South railway station is about 26 kilometers from this resort.

Marari Beach
Spending a couple of days in the seaside village of Mararikulam shall be a beautiful experience for each visitor to Kerala. Fringed by numerous rows of coconut palms, this picturesque fishing village offers a lot of exciting things for its visitors. People from far and wide love to visit Mararikulam to enjoy its golden sands, swaying coconut palms and the rhythm of waves. Many interesting places are there in proximity to this beach destination and one can explore them conveniently by choosing a holiday package.

The inland villas of Marari are perfect for honeymoon couples which are only a few minute’s walk away from the beach. You can make your holidays in this destination unforgettable by snacking on plates full of fried fish and prawns, sipping large glasses of delicious coconut water and taking dips in the ocean. Travelers can also plan to visit the nearby villages in this region, enjoy boat rides along the sparkling backwaters and a few day trips to the vibrant port city of Kochi. Mararikulam is almost 72 kilometers away from Kochi/Cochin International Airport. The nearest Ernakulam railway station is almost 48 kilometers from this beach destination.

Enjoy Road Trips Across Kerala

Going a thrilling road trip will be there on your bucket list especially if you are a youngster visiting Kerala. In fact, it is a wonderful way to escape the boredom of your everyday life and satisfy your urge for adventure. A trip is also a fine idea for people who cannot make up their mind for only one destination to visit. You will be able to explore the beauty of Kerala and enjoy almost all its tourist attractions within two week road trips. You can approach Kochi Taxi for more details for a day-to-day itinerary. There are many good halts throughout this state where you can enjoy delicious dishes. Fulfill your temptation of discovering new places by planning a road trip across Kerala.

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