Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo attracts hordes of visitors and is acclaimed for its collection of animals. The zoo homes 660 animals, including white tigers, a 31-year-old, 300kg-plus Siberian bear, lions, cheetahs and dozens of zebras. All are housed in the zoo’s ‘Predators’ and ‘Wild Animals’ enclosures, the Emirates Park Zoo in Al Bahia, a north-east suburb of the UAE capital. The zoo uses ‘misting system’ which keeps animals and patrons cool in the summer months.

Abu Dhabi Facts
Emirates is now emerging as a global hub, with respect to its culture and others supporting Abhu Dhabi’s character. It is the largest and the most populated among the seven Emirates. It occupies 80% of the emirates landmass. The population of Emirates is over 1.6 million and is expected to reach 3 million by 2030. All along UAE, emirati citizens make up 20% of the total population; the rest are expatriates from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. Regarding the climate, Abu Dhabi has an arid subtropical climate. All throughout the year it has sunny blue skies and high temperatures. There is infrequent rainfall and it falls mainly during winter.

Even with this scanty rainfall Abu Dhabi has amazingly diverse indigenous flora and fauna. The whole emirate is the home of 3,500 native plants its high soil salinity and adverse environment. Most commonly cultivated is the date palm and it is indigenous and provides green to the terrain. The indigenous fauna of the desert consists of Arabian leopard and the ibex, but can be spotted only rarely. In reality the only animals you will come across are camels and goats. The region is also rich with marine life and is the home to tropical fish, coral, dolphins, the dugong and the sea turtles. Some rare turtle species are from this region that includes the hawksbill and leatherback, they can be seen offshore.

Entrance Fee and other details of Emirates Park Zoo
You have to pay an entrance fee of AED 20 (US$ 5.5) for adults and AED 5 (US$ 1.4) for children of six years and under, with two year olds and under it is free. To enter the Ocean Park costs an additional AED 5 (US$ 1.4) and entry to the new Sea Lion show is AED 15 (US$ 4.1).

Opening Timings:
Month of September – May: 9.30am to 8pm, Sunday-Wednesday; 9.30am to 9pm, Friday & Public Holidays.
Month of June-August: 5pm to 9pm, Sunday-Saturday
During Ramadan : 8pm – 12am, Sunday-Saturday
A group of 10 or more, the park is happy to welcome visits during summer & Ramadan from 9.30am to 6pm, subject to advance booking

Location: Al Bahia, north-east of Abu Dhabi city, 35km away from the capital on the way to Dubai
Telephone: +971 2 5633100
Website: www.emiratesparkzoo.com

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