Dubai International Boat Show 2024

Dubai International Boat Show 2024

Join Dubai Harbour from February 28 to March 3, 2024, for the premier marine event in the region, the Dubai International Boat Show.

Dubai International Boat Show 2024 – The Biggest Marine Lifestyle Exhibition In The UAE

Dubai Harbour, Dubai, U.A.E

28th FEB — 03rd MAR, 2024

Established in 1992 as a small-scale gathering centered around the local maritime sector, the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) has evolved significantly over the years, expanding in both scale and renown to emerge as a globally esteemed event among boat shows.

Over the last thirty years, this occasion has transformed into one of the Middle East’s most prominent and well-established boating events, steadfast in its dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience. With its 30th edition, you can anticipate witnessing the artistry of the world’s leading boatbuilders, the exhilaration of watersports, and the thrill of luxurious living – spanning from aviation and supercars to upscale fashion and marine-inspired art.


Join renowned professional divers, explorers, and underwater photographers as they share insights into cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and exhilarating underwater adventures.

The DIVE MENA Expo caters to diving enthusiasts, showcasing the latest advancements in underwater gear and technology. Serving as a distinctive platform for both diving experts and fans, the expo serves as a central hub for exchanging deep-sea discoveries and innovations in diving technology. Beyond diving, the Dubai International Boat Show offers a diverse range of attractions, including the Marina Display, an adrenaline-pumping watersports exhibition, and an extensive showcase of Equipment, Supplies, and Services (ESS). Attendees can also explore Superyacht Avenue, where some of the world’s largest and most luxurious private marine vessels will be proudly exhibited.


Luxury Boat Exhibition
The showcase of the Marina at the Dubai International Boat Show epitomizes the pinnacle of boat exhibitions and maritime excellence. Visitors can marvel at a dazzling array of cutting-edge yachts, each featuring the latest advancements in nautical design and technology. This display serves as a testament to the industry’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. In addition to the marina, DIBS offers various nautical experiences, including the Dive MENA Expo and dive pool, which spotlight diving adventures and underwater technology. The event also features an extensive watersports showcase and the indispensable ESS (Equipment, Supplies, and Services). The opulence of Superyacht Avenue is poised to be a major highlight as well.


Marine Equipment, Supplies and Services
The Equipment, Supplies, and Services (ESS) segment at the Dubai International Boat Show plays a crucial role for maritime experts. Serving as a comprehensive hub for the industry, it presents the newest advancements in marine equipment, offering a convenient one-stop solution for various needs. Encompassing everything from state-of-the-art technology to essential services, the ESS section caters to the diverse requirements of professionals in the field. In addition, DIBS includes the Dive MENA Expo and dive pool, an exciting showcase of watersports, the sophisticated Marina Display, and the luxurious Superyacht Avenue. This makes the event a must-attend for marine enthusiasts of all ages.


The Dubai International Boat Show’s Marine Luxury Lifestyle exhibition is a lavish tribute to upscale maritime living. Attendees have the opportunity to indulge in opulence, as exhibits feature the pinnacle of nautical luxury, showcasing cutting-edge marine technology and innovation. This showcase accentuates the grace and refinement inherent in the marine world. The event, inclusive of the Dive MENA Expo and dive pool, offers a glimpse into luxurious diving equipment. The Marina Display, watersports exhibition, and the extensive ESS (Equipment, Supplies, and Services) area add to the allure, culminating in the breathtaking Superyacht Avenue.

The 2024 Boat Show promises a curated selection of fashion and lifestyle brands, featuring exclusive offerings such as contemporary luxury fashion from Carter & White, custom-made yacht mattresses from Flexima, and much more.


Enter a mesmerizing world where exceptional superyachts seamlessly integrate cutting-edge aesthetics and unparalleled artistry. Immerse yourself in an exclusive space curated for SYBAss members (Superyacht Builders Association), showcasing renowned shipyards revealing their latest innovations in yacht design and technological advancements.


Captains’ Night stands as an exclusive gathering dedicated to honoring the indispensable roles played by captains and crew within the maritime industry. This invitation-only soirée guarantees a distinctive networking experience, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among the maritime community. As a prominent highlight for participants in the 2024 Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the event provides an unmatched platform for professional exchange and social interaction. Against the backdrop of the prestigious DIBS 2024, Captains’ Night seamlessly integrates with the event’s rich tapestry, featuring the Marine Art Gallery and Supercar Avenue. It transcends mere celebration; it serves as a pivotal rendezvous for industry leaders and maritime professionals alike. The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List boasts a diverse array of industry-leading brands and innovative newcomers.


Celebrating the UAE’s maritime prowess, DIBS 2024 embodies the essence and aspirations of the United Arab Emirates on the global boating stage. Against the dynamic backdrop of Dubai, this esteemed event features a diverse array of exhibitors, blending local and international influences. Serving as a nexus for nautical innovation and the UAE’s rich maritime legacy, it encompasses various elements like the S.E.A Mission, Captains’ Night, and Supercar Avenue. The 2024 Dubai International Boat Show stands as a pivotal event in the marine industry, fostering a convergence of global perspectives and local excellence. Explore the captivating displays on the DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List, showcasing the best from both local and international maritime companies.


The Marine Art Gallery serves as a tribute to the ocean, showcasing exceptional masterpieces crafted by globally acclaimed artists and sculptors. Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through maritime art that kindles a deep appreciation for the sea and its myriad wonders. This gallery creates a distinctive fusion of the nautical realm and the world of art, enriching the cultural encounter. Join the Dubai International Boat Show for an exclusive, invite-only exhibition, where you can explore this unique collection alongside attractions such as Supercar Avenue and Captains’ Night (exclusive to captains and crew). The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List boasts an impressive lineup of esteemed names in the boating and yachting industry.


Supercar Avenue stands as an exceptional showcase of the world’s rarest and most sought-after supercars. This exhibition provides enthusiasts and collectors an exclusive peek into the epitome of automotive excellence. Seamlessly aligning with the maritime theme of DIBS 2024, it adds a dash of high-octane glamour to the event. Explore more captivating exhibits such as Superyacht Avenue and the Marine Art Gallery by participating in the 2024 Dubai International Boat Show. Don’t miss out on exclusive events like Captains’ Night, exclusively reserved for captains and crew! The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is brimming with a diverse array of vendors offering everything from luxurious yachts to premium marine accessories.


The VIP Lounge stands as a haven of opulence, offering exclusive amenities and experiences for VIP guests attending the 2024 Dubai International Boat Show. Reserved solely for those participating in the event, this luxurious retreat provides a tranquil escape from the lively show floor.

For those not among the VIP guests yet still eager to indulge in the finest offerings Dubai has to present, the show boasts attractions catering to diverse interests and preferences. Events such as Captains’ Night, exclusively for captains and crew, and the captivating displays of luxury exhibits like Supercar Avenue and the upscale Marine Art Gallery promise a taste of Dubai’s finest. The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List showcases an impressive array of companies unveiling cutting-edge maritime advancements.


At DIBS 2024, indulge in a dining experience that seamlessly blends global flavors with breathtaking panoramas. Guests can savor tantalizing bites while gazing upon luxurious superyachts and the dazzling Dubai skyline. Elevating the ambiance, top DJs provide a musical backdrop, complemented by a curated selection of signature cocktails. Immerse yourself in the Dubai International Boat Show 2024, where the dining experience contributes to the event’s allure, alongside highlights such as Captains’ Night and Supercar Avenue. Explore the extensive DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List, featuring a diverse array of exhibitors catering to every facet of maritime lifestyle and leisure.


The thrilling watersports exhibition is a highlight that gets the adrenaline pumping. It presents a diverse range of activities, including jet skiing and kite surfing, making it a must-see for all watersports enthusiasts. This showcase is a testament to the vibrant and exhilarating realm of maritime activities, promising a fun-filled event suitable for people of all ages. Alongside this, the Dubai International Boat Show includes the Dive MENA expo and dive pool, an extensive Marina Display, the essential ESS (Equipment, Supplies, and Services), and the opulent Superyacht Avenue, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable maritime experience.

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