Dress code In Abu Dhabi

Dress Code in Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi is now a modern metropolis and travelled a long way from its traditional living. It is now a place where designer fashion brands are available both in malls and shops. But what need to taken care of is the occasion when they are worn. Short and revealing kind of clothing or even tight clothing is considered disrespectful here. Being an Islamic country the clothing is expected to be modest.

Visitors and residents are requested to follow the Emirati culture and customs. They are expected not to wear revealing and skimpy cloth in public places. According to the culture it is disrespectful for men and women to reveal shoulders and knees in public. Therefore they are advised to avoid tight or revealing tops and short skirts or dresses. Beachwear is permitted at beach clubs, public beaches and hotels. Swimmers are recommended to avoid excessively revealing swimming suits. In the beach, normal bathing suit or bikini is acceptable. Visitors should avoid thong bikini bottoms or topless sunbathing as this not according to the rules of the land.

In the daytime, the dress can be somewhat casual, exclusive restaurants like their guests to dress more formally during the evening. Like in all countries, it is good to have healthy amount of respect for the local customs and dress code appropriate to their culture. This should be taken care when you go for shopping or sight seeing also.

Ladies are advised to wear short sleeved dresses, other then going for sleeveless tops and dresses. It should be taken care when you are travelling in the UAE local taxi on your own. Majority night clubs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai do not want their guests to wear shorts, caps or sport shoes on their premises. In big hotels you can dress as you please. Try the best to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and wear skirts, pants, trousers that cover at least to the knees. The ideal clothing is wearing loose lightweight ones, especially during summer.

In the winter time sweaters are recommended. Official events expect non-locals to be in formal dress like a suit, tie for men and modest clothing for women as accepted by the Abu Dhabi culture.

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