Abu Dhabi Visitors Behavior Guidelines

ehavior Guidelines are essential information essential for visitors who are planning or already visiting Abu Dhabi. It is full of information on what should be followed while travelling through Abu Dhabi. Following these tips will surely make the tour more enjoyable and wonderful. The police of Abu Dhabi have published a booklet that contains a detailed report on the do’s and don’ts for tourists who are visiting the place. So grab one on your arrival at this wonderful destination.

Brig Gen Omair Al Mihri who is the deputy director general of police operations noted that the pamphlets were created to increase the sense of security among tourists, so that they can avoid the situation of being fined or penalized.

Brig Gen Omair Al Mihri noted that police were ready to communicate with the tourists in their mother tongue if required, also help them at any situation. The pamphlets are available at Abu Dhabi international airport and at hotels.

He said “The pamphlets were prepared to educate tourists on rules of public behavior. It includes trends and behaviors which is uncivilized and would make them subject to prosecution.”

The pamphlet warns the tourists on possession or abuses of drugs, drinking alcohol in unlicensed places, drink driving, prostitution and vagrancy are unlawful activities and is against local traditions and values. While in the month of Ramadan, tourists are requested not to indulge in eating, drinking and smoking in public places at daylight hours.

Visitors are recommended to refrain from display of affection, kissing in the public as they are regarded as indecent. The dress code should be modest clothing and are supposed to use the main beaches that are supervised. People are not allowed to click photos in the areas where it is restricted.

They are advised not to rent from unlicensed peddlers and to protect their consumer rights. Take care to enter all details of goods and services in the bill or receipts. The consumer laws here are strict and so ensure to follow these things while purchasing.

Tourists should not carry large sums of cash and the pamphlet says that all stores accept credit cards and ATMS are widely available. When using vehicles, ensure that it is locked when you leave it, make sure that valuables are kept out of sight from the strangers. Tourists are requested to carry identification documents always. It is very important in all places you visit.

Visitors can get pamphlets in Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Urdu and Hindi. Tourists can call in 999, or 800 2626 for the help of tourism police.

Go through the pamphlet and understand the guidelines before starting your thrilling and relaxing trip in Abu Dhabi.

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