Dhoni Hills

Dhoni Hills is a famous picnic spot in Palakkad ideal for enjoying forest trekking and watching the beauty of nature at close quarters. It is a beautiful destination blessed with towering peaks. The three-hour trekking from the base area to the reserve forest area is an amazing one because of the extremely beautiful views that it offers. In fact, this tourist destination is a gateway to some of the popular trekking areas in Kerala. Tourists can enjoy many animal species such as elephants, Nilgiri Langur, leopards and deer during the trekking to this region besides several small mountain streams.

Enjoy Nature At Its Close Quarters

One of the great advantages of a trip to Dhoni Hills is the opportunity to enjoy nature at close quarters. Spending some time in the lap of Mother Nature is certainly a refreshing experience. Visitors to this enchanting picnic spot are attracted to the lovely Dhoni Waterfalls and the gorgeous Sapal waterfalls at Parasuramkundu. You will love to visit this area during monsoon season as these waterfalls are in full swing at this time. It shall be thrilling to watch the water gushing down to the Malampuzha dam side. The government-owned cattle and goat farm is also worth visiting during your trip to the Dhoni Hills.

A Great Picnic Spot

The Dhoni Hills is gaining popularity as a popular picnic spot these days. Many people started to visit this destination in order to enjoy trekking. They can encounter several rare species of flora and fauna during the trekking. The trails of Dhoni Hills are getting tractions with trekking fanatics and travelers. The scenic views on display throughout the trekking keep the adrenaline rushing of each trekker. These visuals are certainly a perfect reward for the exciting hike. The life-changing trek through the heart of the Western Ghats gives you the chance to watch several animal, plant, and bird species.

A Healthy And Flourishing Ecosystem

Dhoni Hills is bestowed with a thriving and healthy ecosystem with unique flora and fauna. The endemic and lush habitat of this destination offers suitable conditions for many exotic plants and animals. Authorities are planning to construct a beautiful butterfly park in this region. Dhoni Hills is a heaven for explorers who have an eye for detail. Many researchers and field workers reach this area regularly to study the unique ecosystem of this place.

Best Time To Visit

Summer is the best time to visit the Dhoni Hills. But remember to carry sufficient water along with you. The beauty of the waterfalls is at its maximum during monsoon and it is not safe to trek during this time. The Forest Department will give more details about trekking in this region. You can also contact Kochi Taxi to get details about Dhoni Trekking.

How To Reach

Dhoni Hills is nearly 15 kilometers away from Palakkad Town. People who plan a trip to the Dhoni Hills can take state government public transport buses but their services are less frequent.

Entry fee: Rs. 100 per head

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