Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad with amazing trekking trails draw travelers with scenic views of lush green meadows and beautiful waterfalls. It is a perfect place to have a fun journey with friends or family. The views are panoramic and this destination is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna. With excellent trails, it is a favorite spot for many trekking lovers. Situated in the midst of delicate and pristine ecosystems, visiting this place provides the unique opportunity to watch some rare flora and fauna.

A Paradise For Travelers

Chembra Peak is a famous tourist spot in Wayanad blessed with dense and dark deciduous evergreen forests coupled with gorgeous waterfalls and rich green meadows. It holds the credit of the highest peak in Wayanad overwhelmed with its picturesque views of virgin waterfalls, rolling meadows, and unique flora and fauna. This elegant destination is located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level and offers a great view of the entire Wayanad district. Even one can watch a large area of Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Nilgiri districts also from this place. The heart-shaped lake and the lush greenery surrounding the peak make it a heaven for travelers.

A Heavenly Area For Trekkers

The Western Ghats region of Kerala is blessed with heavenly natural beauty. Besides, this area is famous for its calmness, tranquility and natural wealth. This region is also known for several beautiful peaks in collection. However, none of them famous as the fascinating Chembra Peak. It is a favorite spot for trekking enthusiasts where they can enjoy a remarkable one-day trekking experience with comparatively less cost on pocket and energy. One the way to this gorgeous peak, they can enjoy the beauty of a heart-shaped lake which is certainly a gift of nature. This lake is major tourist attraction and believed not to dry up even during extreme summer.

Located close to the clumsy town of Meppady, Chembra Peak is only 8 kilometers away from Kalpetta. Travelers can enjoy mesmerizing views of the famous Banasura Sagar Dam from this peak. It shall be a wonderful experience to watch the lovely dam that stands out in the rich green blanket. In fact, it appears as if a silver shiny metal disk between the trees. As a part of the Wayanad Hill Range, Chembra Peak is also surrounded by many other peaks from this range. Each visitor will get amazing views of these peaks if they look at them from the Chembra Peak.

Take Permission For The Trekking

It takes nearly 4 hours to complete the trekking in Chembra Peak. Trekkers need to take prior permission from the forest department. Travelers can also get it from the ticket counter. Besides, trekkers need to pay an amount to get entry to this region. At present, cost is Rs.750 for a group of 10 Indians. Each additional member needs to pay Rs.75 extra and the cost of carrying a camera is Rs.40. The cost of trekking for foreigners would be double. The office of the Forest Department issues tickets and permits from 7 am till 2 pm. Trekkers can start once they get tickets. Camping is not allowed in this region.

Travel Tips

  • Carry your ID proofs as it is required to get access to some of the tourist spots in Wayanad like Chembra Peak.
  • The flora and fauna in this region is well-maintained and well-preserved. So, putting waste and trash in this region is strictly prohibited.
  • Even if trekking to Chembra is a relatively moderate one, it is wise to carry sufficient water to drink.
  • It is also advisable to carry some snacks but ensure not to carry them in plastic.

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