Chottanikkara Makam Thozhal 2024

Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple Mahotsavam

Chottanikkara Makam Thozhal 2024: Comprehensive Guide

Chottanikkara Makam Thozhal stands as a prominent festival celebrated at the Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple, with the upcoming celebration scheduled for February 24, 2024.

Historical Significance

Makam Thozhal holds profound significance, marking the manifestation of the Devi’s power, as the legend narrates the triumph over the demon Darika on this very day.

Festival Highlights

This ten-day festival unfolds with a series of events:

  • Day 1: Kodiyettam (flag hoisting)
  • Day 2: Ganapati Homam
  • Days 3-4: Navakam (nine-day ritual)
  • Day 5: Panchaari
  • Day 6: Tulabharam (idol weighing)
  • Day 7: Kaliyattam (ritual dance)
  • Day 8: Bharanipattu (musical performance)
  • Day 9: Paalpayasam (milk pudding offering)
  • Day 10: Arattu (ceremonial bath of the idol)

Key Rituals

  • Poojas: Various poojas are dedicated to the Devi.
  • Neyyabhishekam: Ghee abhishekam is performed.
  • Pushpabhishekam: Flower abhishekam is conducted.
  • Deeparadhana: Lamp offering is dedicated to the Devi.
  • Arattu: The final day sees the idol immersed in the temple pond for a ceremonial bath.

Special Features

  • The festival draws in lakhs of devotees.
  • It holds immense cultural importance in South India.
  • Devotees fervently offer prayers and vows to the Devi.
  • Cultural programs enrich the celebratory atmosphere.

Travel Information

  • The temple is conveniently located 20 kilometers from Kochi.
  • Transportation options include buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.


  • Numerous hotels and lodges are available in close proximity to the temple.

For Further Details

May the blessings of the Devi illuminate the path of all devotees during Chottanikkara Makam Thozhal 2024.

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