Ayurveda A Brief Introduction

Sanskrit language defines Ayurveda as a science that gives absolute comprehension for long live. ‘Ayurveda’ in Sanskrit is a divine synthesis of two words ’Ayur’ meaning prolonged existence, or longevity and the word ‘Veda’ meaning a base with a sound scientific knowledge. As per Hindu Mythology the foundation of ayurvedic medicine is accredited to the physician of the divinity, Dhanvantari. Religions like Hinduism and Budhism significantly inspired many core concept of Ayurveda.

As a divine medicinal science it firmly emphasized on the process of developing vigorous metabolic system, enhancing good digestion, and an accurate exertion to bless the mortals with liveliness. Tripods like yoga, meditation and massage are equal parts of Ayurveda and the ancient Vedic science of Ayurveda and are incomplete in their absence. Adding to ayur or long life, it works in perfect combination that includes healthy way of living, organic diet, pampering of body, relaxation of mind, and spiritual consciousness.

In our daily modern life style full of stress, holistic approach of Ayurveda and Yoga retreat seems to be the last savior for a healthy body and mind. This age old method is very important to cure negative charges of the body, at the same time gift a disease free, anti-ageing, and attractive personality.

Having an ayurvedic vacation gives amazing moments to your intimate social circle with a dazzling self transformation of beauty, confidence, and magnetism. Present yourselves and beloved spectacular Ayurvedic packages of Ayurveda Tour Kerala to live a life that is not merely to be alive but to be well.


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