Ayurveda – Ancient Science of Holistic Healing

According to the ancient language Sanskrit, Ayurveda is a science, which gives complete knowledge for leading a long healthy life. The word Ayurveda in Sanskrit is a divine synthesis of two words ‘Ayur’ meaning prolonged existence, or longevity, and the word ‘veda’ meaning a base with a sound scientific knowledge.

The trivet of yoga, meditation, and massage are part and parcel of Ayurveda and the ancient vedic science of Ayurveda, it will become incomplete in their absence. To add more to Ayur or long life, it works in perfect combination that includes healthy way of living life, organic diet, pampering of body, relaxation of mind, and spiritual consciousness. All you have to do is gift self and your beloved the spectacular Ayurvedic packages of Ayurveda Tour India for a life that is not merely to be alive but to be well.

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