Anayirankal Dam Munnar

Anayirankal Dam is a picnic spot in Munnar with panoramic nature. Travelers to this destination love to enjoy boating in the famous dam. In fact, this dam is the prime attraction of this hilly spot. A lot of tourists visit Munnar each year to enjoy its picturesque nature and feel its aromatic fresh air. Anayirankal is the right place if you would like to explore the charming views of High Ranges. The scenic nature in this destination forced travelers to add Anayirankal in their Munnar travel itinerary. Remember to enjoy boating in the lovely lake during your trip to this gorgeous picnic spot.

Watch Elephant Herds

People plan their trip to Munnar mainly to enjoy its beautiful nature. Many travelers plan their trip to this panoramic hill station especially during summer season because of its pleasant climate. In addition to its picturesque nature and cool climate, the destination fascinates travelers with exotic flora and fauna. Located near forest area, visitors can watch elephants in herds during their trip to Anayirankal. Usually elephants come to this area as herds for drinking water from the Anayirankal Lake. In local language, Anayirankal means the area where elephants come down. It must be an eye catching experience for the travelers to see elephants come in herds to drink water from the lake.

Hot Spot For Photographers

Large tea plantations belonging to the Tata Group are certainly a great attraction of Anayirankal. The elegant nature in this area makes it a favorite spot for photographers. The rich tea plantations and rolling hills make perfect backgrounds to take great shots. Never forget to take beautiful photographs and videos during your trip to Anayirankal. You can keep them as the memories of your enjoyable trip to Munnar. You can see many honeymooners and holidaymakers take photographs in the scenic background if you plan a trip to Ananyirankal.

Plan A Family Vacation To Anayirankal Dam

Anayirankal can be a great spot if you look for a perfect destination for your family vacation. The scenic nature and cool climate provide you some refreshing holidays. Many people love to take their children to this picnic spot in Munnar because they can spot elephants in herds. With large grass areas, children also love to run through them. Besides, parents can relax while children playing in the ground without any worries about them. Anayirankal is a perfect place for family to have lots of fun. Plan some outdoor games so that you can make the trip to this hot tourist spot more enjoyable.

Nobody leaves Anayirankal without enjoying some boating. It is almost 22 kilometers away from Munnar.

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