Al Gharbia

A Day Out in Al Gharbia – Time for Desert Driving, Dune Barbecues and Moonlit campfires.

Move towards the Liwa Oasis in the early morning and go for one of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever come across. The moment you reach the crescent shaped Liwa Oasis, find some time to drive between the small towns that surround this fertile land. It will be your last stop for supplies before proceeding into the massive dunes, so be prepared, and make sure that there is more than one vehicle on your part; never go into the desert alone. Once you reach Liwa Oasis, you’ll be astonished by the magnanimous size of the dunes. Get yourself an area to camp and pitch the tents.

Lit up the barbecues, prepare yourselves a meal and get ready to glide through the dunes. If you’re part of a guided tour, during the drive hold tight, the experienced drivers are sure to give you a eventful drive. Also make sure to try your hand at sand boarding, something like snow boarding.

Nothing can be compared to like resting around a campfire with good friends and great food. Make ready your evening feast, heat up the barbecue and put fire wood in the fire pit. When the coals heats up, try climbing sand dunes, here you could watch one of the greatest sunset of your life. Return back to the camp, have a sumptuous dinner like a king, then sit back and enjoy the company of good friends and infinite stars.

There is great numbers of Hotels to cater the needs of ever increasing guests in Al Gharbia. The hotels have a host of adventure activities to keep them occupied.


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