Abu Dhabi’s Traditional Arabic Culture and Cuisine

Experience Abu Dhabi’s Traditional Arabic Culture and Cuisine with modern wonders. Throw yourself into the world of wonders, wandering the camel market and tasting local UAE dishes.

Camel Market of Abu Dhabi
Situated about 7km south of central Al Ain, the Camel Market of Abu Dhabi is near the Meyzad border crossing Oman. Being a testament to Arabian culture, the Camel market is a must-visit place to realize the United Arab Emirates’ rich camel heritage. Here thousands of camels of every breed and sketch are brought for sale.

Oasis City of Al Ain
Situated 40 miles inland from the UAE capital is the oasis city of Al Ain. The City is the emirate’s heritage heartland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous Al Ain National Museum, the cultural exhibition centre is the centre for the display of Bedouin jewellery.  Al Ain Palace Museum reveals the family history of the Father of the Nation, the late Sheikh Zayed. The palace preserves Abu Dhabi’s ruling family’s countless artefacts and belongings. Other attractions include prehistoric tombs, Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Wadi and Hili Fun City.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
World’s largest hand knotted Iranian carpet of 65,000 square feet adds beauty to this ancient monument. Designed of Mughal, Moorish and Ottoman fusion, the Mosque can accommodate forty thousand worshippers.  With 82 domes, golden dipped arches of marble and minarets is a real picturesque for tourists.

Al Jahili Fort
Located adjacent to Al Ain city centre, Al Jahili Fort is the most outstanding historic monument in United Arab Emirate. The Fort served as shelter for soldiers deputed to protect mountain passes.  Another appealing structure is Al Maqtaa at Abu Dhabi.

Jebel Hafeet
The limestone mountain Jebel Hafeet rising four thousand feet is situated on the border of Oman. A well-built winding road leads the sportive tourists to the top of the mountain. Fossils confirming the existence of Emirates under water is discovered form this mountain. More than hundred tombs of 7th century is also discovered form here.

Accommodation and Cuisine
Local classic dish of the area is makbous served with fluffy rice. At the same time a wide variety of sea food is also available here. The famous Emirates Palace serves the famous oyster tempura. It is served with pan-fried scallops and spiced grilled salmon. Rich dates marmalade, lemon confit and arugula salad add taste to the same. A deluxe sanctuary from the contemporary world is offered in Arabian Nights Village.

From traditional Bedouin tents to luxurious tower suits are available in Abu Dhabi. Your accommodation is made luxurious by spacious rooms, villas, souk, swimming pool and spas. Variety dinner is served in traditional way on low chairs and tables. Musicians play Oud making your dinner a special event.

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