Abu Dhabi Climate, Flora and Fauna

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Climate, Flora and Fauna – Abu Dhabi and its geographical and climatic features along with the flora and fauna are described in this article. Abu Dhabi is a great destination that stands out from the rest, for its year-round sunshine, little rainfall and near apt winter temperatures.
Abu Dhabi has to its credit sub-tropical arid climate, with sunny blue skies and high-temperatures that linger throughout the year. There are irregular rainfalls, mainly during winter (November to March) with an average fall of 12cm per year in most of the emirate. Rain is frequent in the Oasis City of Al Ain due to nearness to the Hajar Mountains and range of temperature starts from a low of around 13C(50F) on a winter’s night to a maximum of 42c(118f) on a summer’s day. The great time to visit is during the cooler months of November to April, when temperature are around 24C (75F) during the day and 13C (56F) in the night time.
Flora & Fauna
Emirate with such a dry climate and scanty rainfall surprises us with diverse indigenous flora and fauna. This stunning place is the home to about 3,500 native plants despite its high soil salinity and harsh environment. The most cultivated is the date palm among the indigenous flora, giving green to the parched terrain, especially in the oases.
On moving towards the mountains, wild grasses and flattopedacacia trees gives the parched terrain a feel of savannah rather then desert. The indigenous fauna include the highly endangered Arabian Leopard and the Ibex, but you can catch glimpse of them only rarely.
In reality the only animals you will come across are the camels and goats (it can be found close to the roads). Some other desert fauna are the sand cat, sand fox and desert hare. Also you can find gerbils, hedgehogs and geckos.
Latest studies reveal that number of bird species is increasing mainly because of the increasing lushness. It is more obvious in the parks, during the spring and autumn season. The reason behind this trend is that emirates lie on the route of birds-migrating between Central Asia and East Africa.
There is rich marine life in the coastal waters which has being home to tropical fish, coral, dolphins, the dugong (seacow) and turtles. It is found that there are eight species of whales and seven dolphin species in UAE waters.
Around four or five of the world’s seven turtle species are indigenous, that includes the leatherback and the hawksbill. They are endangered and can be viewed offshore.
All over Abu Dhabi emirate, local municipalities have successfully initiated ‘greening programmes’.
Abu Dhabi road sides are astonishingly lush, with palm trees and grass and you could view flowers bordering the main streets. There are more than 20 manicured public parks within Abu Dhabi City.

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