3 Bedroom Houseboat

Embark on a houseboat excursion for an immersive glimpse into the ethical and cultural tapestry of Kerala. Nestled in the lap of natural splendor, Kerala offers an enchanting experience at every turn, effortlessly savored aboard a 3-bedroom houseboat. These floating sanctuaries, available at a budget-friendly rate, redefine luxury living on the water, ensuring guests feel right at home.

Each meticulously crafted 3-bedroom houseboat boasts spacious square bedrooms adorned with tasteful decor, a sprawling sundeck for basking in the sun’s glory, and a chic living area for unwinding amidst panoramic views. Modern amenities, including a well-appointed kitchen and contemporary bathroom, elevate the cruising experience, complemented by a leisurely passage perfect for soaking in the surrounding scenic beauty.

Witness breathtaking sunsets over Kerala’s mesmerizing backwaters from the comfort of your 3-bedroom houseboat, offered at attractive rates throughout the year. From November to March, opt for an air-conditioned vessel at Rs. 18,000, or enjoy a non-air-conditioned option for Rs. 17,000. Travelers can seize discounted rates during April to October, securing an air-conditioned houseboat for Rs. 15,500 or a non-air-conditioned alternative for just Rs. 14,500.

With memories of invigorating backwater cruises to cherish for years to come, every traveler embarks on a journey through Kerala’s soul-stirring landscapes aboard these floating havens.

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