3 Bedroom Houseboat

Plan a houseboat cruising if you want to get an idea about the ethical and cultural life of the people in the beautiful state of Kerala. The most impressive factor of this state is that every corner of it is filled with natural beauty which can be enjoyed conveniently by choosing a 3 bedroom houseboat for cruising. This moving luxury can be hired at an economical price. This well equipped and well appointed 3 bedroom houseboat gives comfort and ease for their guests just like a home. It has 3 beautifully decorated square shaped bedrooms of 12 ft by 12ft, a sundeck with a dimension of 12 ft by 45 ft, a stylish living area of 15ft by 10 ft, a 6 ft by 6ft modern bathroom, a well equipped kitchen of 13ft by 12ft and a long passage of 3 feet to watch the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

You can enjoy a magnificent sunset in a 3 bedroom houseboat over the astonishing Kerala backwater at an affordable price. You can book an air conditioned houseboat for a price of Rs.18000 if you book it during the month of November to March while you need to pay Rs.17000 for a non air conditioned 3-bedroom houseboat during this time. Travelers can enjoy cruising at a discounted price if they choose cruising in the months of April to October. They can book an air conditioned 3 bedroom houseboat for a moderate rate of 15500 if they book it during these months and pay only Rs.14500 for a non-air conditioned houseboat. Each traveler should cherish the memories of his thrilling backwater cruising in Kerala for many years.

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