2 Bedroom Houseboat

A lot of global tourists visit the beautiful destination of Kerala to enjoy its scenic beauty.  The sparkling backwaters are one of the prime reasons that make Kerala a popular tourist destination in the world. Houseboat cruising along the backwaters can be an amazing experience for each visitor to Kerala. Cruising in a houseboat is the great way to enjoy the backwaters of this scenic state. You will love your cruise in a luxurious air conditioned houseboat amidst world-class facilities and enjoy the scenery around. Get an idea about different types of houseboat available for cruising and choose the right one based on your budget and requirement.

Many travelers prefer cruising in a 2 Bedroom Houseboat through the scenic backwater locations of Kerala to enjoy its spectacular charm and watch the rural life. For them, it can be a marvelous holiday experience. Choose the backwater destination of Alleppey and explore its scenic nature on a 2 bedroom houseboat. You can enjoy the traditional style of living in this houseboat with all the modern comforts. Designed by experts, cruising in a 2 bedroom air conditioned houseboat provides warm hospitality and luxurious facilities. The well built huge houseboat has 2 square-shaped bedrooms of 11ft by 11ft with refreshing and relaxing ambience, a sundeck of 12ft by 4 ft, a cozy living room of 15ft by 13ft, a well equipped kitchenette of 13ft by 12ft, a 3 ft long passage and stylish and clean 3.5ft by 11ft vinyl floored bathroom. Other facilities that come to the notice of the guests of the houseboat include imprinted wall cupboards, teakwood wall finishing, wall fans and living room with television, DVDs, dining table and chairs.

Many people might have the thinking that the cost of a backwater cruising in a luxurious 2 bedroom houseboat cannot be affordable for common men. However, the cost of such a cruise is economical and affordable even for them. A houseboat trip in a 2 bedroom air conditioned houseboat will be cost only Rs.13500 while you can hire a houseboat without AC facility for Rs.11500/- during the month of November to March. You can even hire the same air conditioned houseboat at a lesser rate of 11800/- in the month of April to October while the non-air conditioned houseboat costs only 9500/- per day if you hire it during these months.

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