Willingdon Island – Must Visit Man Made Island in Kochi, Kerala

Taj Malabar Willingdon Island
Willingdon Island is a large man-made island in Kochi. It is a beautiful part of this city surrounded by sparkling Cochin backwaters. This island paradise draws travelers with several commercial and industrial buildings and best hotels of the district. Kochi is famous for beautiful nature, fantastic tourist attractions and excellent shopping facilities. Never miss out the chance to explore the elegant Willingdon Island during your trip to Kochi. Get more details about this island and explore this part of the city conveniently through Kochi Taxi.
For A Holiday With Pleasure
People who wish to enjoy the natural beauty and serene environment of Kochi can visit Willingdon Island. This artificial island in Kochi is an ideal pace to enjoy a holiday with pleasure. Known after a British Viceroy of India named Lord Willingdon, this island is treated as the home to the Kochi Naval Base of the Indian Navy, the port of Kochi and the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology.
Home To Several Establishments
Willingdon Island is home to several establishments and most of them associated with the Cochin Port.  The main establishments in this area include the Office of the Cochin Port Trust and the Customs Office. Besides, there are more than twenty offices of import and export, warehouses, business centers and several good hotels.
The Royal Air Force
The Royal Air Force made use of the flat landscape of Willingdon Island in order to build an aerodrome. They made this artificial island into a successful military base. The Royal Air Force used the present day Malabar Hotel as their staff quarters but later they got a new administrative block near to it. This aerodrome developed later on a large scale and turned as a modern airport of the city.
The Major Port
The Willington Island is not just an important landmark of the city but also a major port of the country. This island connects to the mainland by the Venduruthy Palam as it has good links to road and railways. The main airport functioned for a long time in this location until it transferred to the present location at Nedumbasserry. However, Willingdon Island is still a major port with Naval Command Headquarters, Customs Office, shipbuilding yards and a wharf. This island is certainly an important hub of activity in Kochi with many offices, warehouses and branches of several national and international banks.
Never miss out a trip to this serene man-made island during your trip to Kochi in order to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature. Visit our website Karmic Tourism to plan your trip to Kochi and to explore it beautiful tourist attractions conveniently.

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