A Weekend Trip To Vagamon

Vagamon, a beautiful hill station in Kerala is a perfect weekend getaway where travelers can indulge in different activities to get refreshed.

A weekend trip to Vagamon can be a memorable experience for many reasons. Everybody loves the idea of pack up a meal and drive off to a far off destination that makes them rejuvenated. Vagamon is such a beautiful place in Kerala where you can carry your packed lunch and drive off for a picnic. Not only that, this destination helps you to conquer your fears and fulfill all your fantasies of adventure.

Vagamon , A Scenic Hill Station

Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, Vagamon is a scenic hill station and a small town. The rolling hills and pleasurable climate are the prime attraction of this hilly spot. The most fascinating point of this tourist place is that it has so many hills. You can demand one to be your own easily in order to settle for the day. Watching the green and never ending hills can be a wonderful feeling for each visitor to Vagamon. Besides, the cool breeze of the hills certainly makes you refreshed. The trip itself to this beautiful picnic spot is truly a wonderful experience.

How To Reach Vagamon

Even though there is no railway station or airport in Vagamon, reaching this hill station is not a difficult task. Most of the tourists rely on the nearby cities to reach this tourist spot. Kottayam is the nearest railway station to Vagamon which is about 70 kilometers away. Cochin/Kochi International Airport is the nearest airport to this hill station. Tourists can take a pre-paid taxi from the airport to reach Vagamon. The nearest town, Erattupetta is approximately 25 kilometers away from this hilly region. The town is well-connected with almost all the nearby towns in Kerala and the roads to Vagamon are in good condition. Get a motorbike from Kochi if you are a bike lover and passionate about high-range riding. You can easily drive up to this hill station by your bike. The ride will be worth the effort through the scenic trails.

Things To Do In Vagamon

For people who tired of the city life, noise and the pollution can plan for a trip to the green and beautiful hills of Vagamon. It is a great hideaway to take a break from your daily schedule and enjoy a refreshing day. There is a beautiful lake in this hill station between the meadows and it offers breathtaking views. Many people choose Vagamon to spend a picnic day with their family or friends on the meadows. For travelers who are in a mood to read can get a book and a folding chair. If you bring your portable speakers, you can conveniently listen to your favorite music. Yes, you can do so many things during your trip to Vagamon.

Climbing up and down the hill is also exciting even if it is not so easy. It may take up a lot of your energy. But you can just lie down a bit on the grass whenever you feel tired. You will also love the idea of taking a nap on the lap of Mother Nature. If you plan trekking, it is wise to go in a group in order to avoid getting lost.

Vagamon Is Not Only About The Hills

Vagamon is certainly a well-known hill station in Kerala but the destination is more than just hills. The famous Kurishumala, “the mountain of the Holy Cross” is also at Vagamon. With trees on both sides of the path and the cool mountain breeze, a trek up to the top of this holy place can be refreshing. There is an Ashram once you reach the top of the hill which gives off pleasant positive ambience. Besides, there is an Indo- Swiss dairy farm at Kurishumala managed by the Ashram.

A pine forest is also a great attraction in Vagamon. The pine trees and fog create a mythical appearance and people love to experience that. In fact, this type of backdrop is very rare and it is a perfect place to take some ‘dramatic’ photographs.

Enjoy A Little Adventure

The Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy (AASTA) and Kerala Tourism organize a 4-day event, Fly Vagamon, in the first week of April every year. It is certainly an adrenaline rush event and every adventure enthusiast should experience it once in life. If you plan a trip to Vagamon next time check the International Paragliding Festival in the town. Don’t forget to participate if you visit the town during this event.

Vagamon is a perfect weekend getaway in Kerala. Even though the town does not provide too many entertainment options, one can spend some refreshing time at this lovely hill station. It is certainly a place where travelers can get some peace of mind. Besides, people love to do different things at this place like sing, dance, read or just enjoy a nap on the gorgeous meadows. For people who do not want to indulge in any such activities can simply enjoy the beauty of the nature. In fact, it is easy to find your own entertainment choices when you are in the awe-inspiring hill station of Vagamon.

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