Tour of Thekkady 2024

The 3rd Edition of the Tour of Thekkady 2024 is scheduled for February 10, 2024. Registration is currently available!

Welcome to the third edition of the ‘Tour of Thekkady’ (ToT ’24), Kerala’s signature cycling extravaganza. This unique event seamlessly blends the thrill of racing with the joy of touring, spanning a 160km route with an elevation gain of 3,000 meters. Traverse the ever-changing and picturesque landscapes of Kerala, ensuring a perfect dose of adrenaline rush. Commencing from Kottayam, the journey will lead you through Kulamavu Dam, Idukki, Kattappana, Puliyanmala, and culminate at Thekkady.

Listening to your feedback and evolving over the past two years, we’ve made several enhancements. This year, we offer two options: a competitive race with cut-off times of 8-9 hours and a leisurely tour with a cut-off time of 15 hours. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce a new category for Masters Men in this edition of ToT.

ROUTE DETAILS: Embark on a scenic journey from Kottayam to Thekkady via Ettumanoor, Pala, Muttom, Kulamavu Dam, Idukki Dam, Kattappana, and Puliyanmala. (Please note that the final route GPX file will be updated later. The organizers retain the right to modify the route as needed, taking into consideration traffic and road conditions on the event day).

CategoryCut off time
RACE – Team8 ( Eight ) Hours
RACE – Men – Elite8 (Eight) Hours
RACE – Men – Masters9 (Nine) Hours
RACE – Women9 (Nine) Hours
Tour15 (Fifteen) Hours

Commencement Date: February 10, 2024, at 0500 Hrs.
Starting Point: Cesar Palace Hotel, Kottayam
Destination: Tree Top Hotel, Thekkady
Touring Distance: 160km
Race Distance: 145km
Elevation Gain: 3000m

Category1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
TeamRs. 30,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 10,000
Men – EliteRs. 10,000Rs. 7,000Rs. 5,000
Men – MastersRs. 7,000Rs.5,000Rs. 3,000
WomenRs. 10,000Rs.7,000Rs. 5,000

Race Format: Featuring both Team and Individual Events
Pre-Event Procedures: Scheduled for February 9, 2024, at 17:00 hrs in Kottayam
Eligibility: Participants must be at least 18 years old.
Approved Equipment: Only manually operated pedal bicycles are permitted.

The Registration Fees cover:

  • Certificates, medals, technical support
  • Hydration support at designated locations
  • Medical aid and ambulance services
  • Bag drop facility
  • Refreshments at the finish point

Bag Drop Service (Free): We offer a complimentary bag drop service for essential items (weighing less than 2 kg and small bags) from Kottayam to Thekkady, with the option to have them returned to Kottayam.

Bicycle Return Transportation Service (Available at an Additional Cost): We offer the option to transport your bicycles from Thekkady to Kottayam for a fee of Rs. 539/-, at the owner’s sole risk. The event organizers are not liable for any damage, loss, or theft of your bicycle or its accessories.

Explore Thekkady 2024 Jersey (Payment/Optional):

Secure your Event Jersey (choose between race fit or club fit) at a special rate by adding an additional fee of Rs.1,349 (MRP 1,799) or Rs.1,549 (MRP 1,999) during the registration until January 24th. After this date, the Jersey will be available for purchase at the regular price. Similar to past years, the Jersey boasts excellent quality and a sophisticated design, making it a valuable collector’s item.


  1. Every participant will receive a medal for completing the Tour of Thekkady 2024.
  2. Participants finishing within the designated time frame will be awarded The Tour of Thekkady 2024 completion certificate.
  3. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three positions in both Team and Individual race categories. (A rider is eligible for consideration in only one category.)

The prize distribution ceremony will take place at Treetop Hotel after the conclusion of the race event, at 3:00 PM.

Touring Guidelines:

  1. Participants who may lack confidence in completing the event can opt for the Touring category, which allows a 15-hour cutoff.
  2. Participants are required to specifically choose the Touring category during the registration process.
  3. This event is self-supported, though limited technical assistance may be available upon request, depending on technician availability.
  4. Personal support teams are allowed at the participant’s own expense.
  5. Support vehicles are not permitted to accompany or follow riders. They must be stationed at designated control points or follow approved volunteer vehicles. Any support provided to a rider during the event must have the permission of ride officials.

Individual Race Category Guidelines:

  1. Participants are required to choose their race category based on age and gender.
  2. Participants failing to complete the race within the specified time limit will not qualify for prizes and will be automatically moved to the touring category.
  3. The event organizers retain the authority to combine two categories of the same gender or cancel a category entirely if there are fewer than 4 participants in any category.
  4. This event is self-supported, with minimal technical assistance available upon request, contingent on technician availability.
  5. Participants may have a personal support team at their own expense.
  6. Support vehicles are prohibited from tagging along with riders and must be stationed at designated control points. Any support provided during the ride must have the approval of ride officials.

Team Event Guidelines:

  1. Teams are required to register collectively under their chosen race category.
  2. A team is comprised of a maximum of 4 riders, and at least 3 riders must successfully complete the race.
  3. While all 4 riders must initiate the ride, only the first finishing 3 riders will be considered for team point calculations; the 4th rider is regarded as a substitute.
  4. The team winner is determined using a penalty point system, where the rider’s rank equals their corresponding points. The team with the lowest total penalty points emerges as the winner.
  5. Participants failing to finish within the designated time cutoff will be ineligible for prizes and automatically reassigned to the touring category.
  6. The event organizers retain the right to cancel a category if there are fewer than 4 participants. However, team members can opt to compete in the individual race category based on their age and gender.
  7. Teams may enlist support vehicles and crew at their own expense, with a maximum of 2 crew members and one vehicle permitted per team.
  8. Support vehicles are prohibited from tagging or riding alongside the riders. They must be stationed at designated control points, and any support during the ride requires permission from ride officials.
  9. All expenses for the support crew, including boarding and food, must be covered by the teams themselves and are not included in the event registration fee.

Recommendations for the return journey from Thekkady: Riders are solely responsible for their return to Kottayam after the event. The most convenient route is to ride back via Kuttikanam (KK Road – 110km), characterized by mostly rolling hills and downhill terrain. Alternatively, taxi, jeep, and public bus transportation options are readily accessible from Thekkady.

Lodging in Thekkady: Accommodation is not covered in the registration fee. Thekkady is a prime tourist destination in Kerala, offering a range of hotels catering to various budget preferences. We strongly urge riders to make early hotel reservations.

Cancellation Policy:

No cancellations or refunds will be processed after February 1st. Refund amounts will be subject to deductions for Payment Gateway fees and hosting fees. Jerseys cannot be canceled or refunded after January 25th, as the orders have already been processed.

Terms & Conditions / Rules and Regulations (to be read and signed by ALL riders):

I/We hereby acknowledge and accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in the Tour of Thekkady 2024:

  1. I/We confirm that I/We are 18 years of age or above, as of February 10, 2024.
  2. I/We have carefully read and agreed to abide by the Race Rules and Regulations.
  3. I/We commit to complying with the traffic and road laws and regulations of India.
  4. I/We fully comprehend and accept that my/our participation in this event is entirely at my/our own risk. I/We assume full liability for all risks and expressly waive any claims against KEG Bikers, participants, organizers, committee members, agents, or servants for any loss, damage, or injury incurred during my/our participation.
  5. I/We acknowledge and accept the authority of Event Officials to make decisions regarding health and safety, including the right to stop any rider or crew from continuing.
  6. I/We acknowledge the mandatory safety requirements during the event, including wearing a helmet, using rear blinkers, employing a front light, and wearing a reflective vest at all times.
  7. I/We commit to complying with all safety requirements outlined in the event Rules.
  8. Participation in the event is contingent upon approval from KEG Bikers after the payment of registration fees. KEG Bikers reserves the right to refuse or cancel registration, with a refund issued after deducting Payment Gateway processing charges.
  9. I/We agree to sign the waiver form and submit the required information and documents during pre-event registration.
  10. Any attempt at cheating (as determined by event officials) will result in immediate disqualification.
  11. I/We commit to making the payment of registration fees as per the event tickets.
  12. Failure to complete mandatory pre-event registration formalities, equipment inspection, or non-attendance at the pre-race briefing will result in the cancellation of participation without a refund.
  13. KEG Bikers reserves the right to cancel any category due to low participation. Participants will have the option to change categories or receive a refund (less payment charges).
  14. I/We agree to obtain insurance with sufficient coverage for life, personal accident, and third-party liability for all team members, riders, and crew.
  15. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after February 1, 2024.
  16. All participants and their respective crew accept responsibility for their own health in all situations.
  17. Participants and their respective crew agree to abide by health norms directed by relevant authorities.
  18. I/We acknowledge that all decisions made by event organizers and KEG Bikers will be final in all matters related to this event.

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