Themes For Destination Wedding In Kerala

When planning a destination wedding in Kerala, you have a plethora of themes to choose from that can complement the beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage of the region. Here are some popular themes that work well for weddings in Kerala:

  1. Beach Bliss: Kerala is famous for its stunning beaches, so a beach-themed wedding can be a perfect choice. Decorate the venue with seashells, starfish, and tropical flowers. Opt for a breezy color palette with shades of blue, turquoise, and white. You can have the ceremony on the beach itself or choose a beachfront venue.
  2. Backwater Extravaganza: Kerala’s backwaters are a unique feature of the region. Embrace the serene and rustic ambiance by hosting your wedding on a houseboat or a riverside venue. Use traditional decor elements like banana leaves, brass lamps, and floral arrangements with local flowers like jasmine and marigold.
  3. Cultural Fusion: Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Kerala by incorporating traditional elements into your wedding. You can have a traditional Kerala-style wedding with the bride and groom in traditional attire, accompanied by classical music and dance performances. Decorate the venue with ethnic motifs, traditional lamps, and vibrant colors.
  4. Tea Plantation Elegance: Kerala is known for its lush tea plantations in places like Munnar. Choose a tea plantation as your wedding venue and create a theme around it. Incorporate tea-related elements such as tea-infused cocktails, tea-themed decor, and a green and white color palette to reflect the natural surroundings.
  5. Palace Grandeur: Kerala is home to several magnificent palaces that can serve as regal wedding venues. Opt for a royal theme with ornate decor, chandeliers, and opulent fabrics. Create a majestic ambiance with gold accents, rich colors like deep red and royal blue, and traditional Kerala music and dance performances.
  6. Tropical Paradise: Kerala’s tropical climate and abundant greenery make it an ideal setting for a tropical-themed wedding. Use vibrant colors, tropical flowers like orchids and hibiscus, and lush green foliage in your decor. Incorporate fruity cocktails, bamboo accents, and island-inspired cuisine to complete the theme.
  7. Eco-friendly Retreat: Kerala is known for its commitment to sustainable practices and eco-tourism. Consider an eco-friendly wedding theme that promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness. Use recycled or biodegradable materials for decor, opt for organic and locally sourced food, and encourage eco-friendly practices throughout the event.

Remember to consider the availability of venues and resources while selecting your theme. Work with a local wedding planner who can guide you on the best ways to incorporate your chosen theme into your destination wedding in Kerala.

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