The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room at Cochin Club: Merging Colonial Elegance with Contemporary Culinary Delights

Situated within the storied confines of the Cochin Club, overlooking both the dynamic cityscape and the serene Arabian Sea, lies The Drawing Room—an establishment that transcends the realm of mere dining and transforms into an immersive experience, seamlessly blending colonial heritage with modern gastronomic pleasures.

A Glimpse into History:

Dating back to 1914, the Cochin Club holds a captivating history. Initially an exclusive enclave for British residents, it now welcomes all, providing a window into the opulence of colonial times. The Drawing Room, adorned with lofty ceilings, vintage furnishings, and breezy verandas, emanates a nostalgic allure, transporting patrons to a bygone era.

Culinary Odyssey:

The menu at The Drawing Room is a tantalizing fusion of Mediterranean and Indian influences. Seafood takes center stage, featuring succulent prawns in garlic butter, lobster thermidor that melts in the mouth, and fish curries infused with traditional Kerala spices. Catering to diverse tastes, offerings include pastas, risottos, and wood-fired pizzas, while desserts like warm chocolate fondant and creamy panna cotta provide a sweet denouement to the meal.

Beyond Gastronomy:

The allure of The Drawing Room extends beyond its culinary offerings. Set within a lush garden adorned with swaying palm trees and gentle sea breezes, the ambiance exudes tranquility. Select evenings come alive with live music, imparting a romantic touch, and the attentive staff ensures a seamless dining experience.

An Experience, Not Just a Meal:

The Drawing Room proves versatile for various occasions—be it a romantic dinner, a celebratory gathering with friends, or a laid-back business lunch. Special events such as brunches, themed dinners, and live music nights turn the restaurant into a vibrant hub for Kochi’s social scene.

Key Details to Note:

  • Location: The Drawing Room is situated within the Cochin Club, 7, St Francis Church Rd, Fort Kochi.
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean and Indian fusion, spotlighting fresh seafood.
  • Ambiance: Colonial charm harmonized with a serene garden setting and captivating sea views.
  • Price Range: Mid-range to fine dining.
  • Reservations: Recommended, especially for weekends and special events.

In Summation:

The Drawing Room at Cochin Club transcends the label of a mere restaurant—it stands as a destination offering a delightful amalgamation of history, ambiance, and exquisite cuisine. With its colonial elegance, breathtaking views, and emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, it guarantees an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Fort Kochi.

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