Snowfall In Meesappulimala


Meesapulimala is a popular trekking destination located near Munnar in the Idukki district of Kerala, India. It is the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats and offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys, tea plantations, and mist-covered mountains. While snowfall can occur in Meesapulimala during certain seasons, it is important to note that snowfall is not a regular occurrence and is limited to specific times of the year. Here’s some information about snowfall in Meesapulimala:

  1. Winter Season: The winter season, which generally lasts from December to February, is the period when there is a possibility of snowfall in Meesapulimala. During these months, the temperatures can drop significantly, especially during the night, and it may result in snowfall on the higher reaches of the mountain.
  2. Unpredictability: Snowfall in Meesapulimala is unpredictable, and it can vary from year to year. The occurrence of snowfall depends on various factors such as weather conditions, temperature, and altitude. Some years may experience heavy snowfall, while other years may have little to no snowfall.
  3. Snow-Covered Peaks: After a snowfall event, the peaks and higher slopes of Meesapulimala may be covered in a layer of snow, creating a breathtaking winter landscape. The snow-covered terrain adds to the beauty of the trekking experience and offers unique photography opportunities.
  4. Trekking in Snowy Conditions: Trekking in Meesapulimala during or after a snowfall requires caution and proper preparation. The trails may become slippery and challenging to navigate, and it is advisable to have prior trekking experience and proper gear. It is recommended to go with an experienced guide who is familiar with the terrain and can ensure safety.
  5. Check Weather Conditions: If you are specifically interested in witnessing snowfall in Meesapulimala, it is advisable to check the weather conditions and seek information from local authorities or tour operators before planning your visit. They can provide updates on the likelihood of snowfall and guide you accordingly.

Remember that snowfall in Meesapulimala is a natural phenomenon that cannot be guaranteed. It is essential to be flexible in your expectations and appreciate the beauty of the place regardless of whether snowfall occurs or not. The trek to Meesapulimala offers stunning views and a memorable experience even without snowfall.

Meesapulimala is the right destination for you if you are an adventure junkie. It must be a dream destination for all trekking lovers. Many national and international travelers visit this place to enjoy trekking and feel nature. This is an ideal place where you can experience victory just like a conqueror. Plan a trip to Meesappulimala which is the second highest peak in South India. Many amateurs visit this place on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border to enjoy trekking. You will simply love your trekking through eight fabulous hills to reach this mesmerizing destination.

A UNESCO Heritage Site

Not many people know that Meesappulimala is a UNESCO heritage site. Besides the charm of the towering peaks and rolling grasslands, the area is also rich in exotic flora and fauna. Each trekker to this spot should admire the beauty of blooming rhododendrons among the rich woods and pine forests of the destination. It is a 21-kilometer trekking session that leaves each visitor a spellbound experience because of the mind-blowing beauty of nature. Trekking through the rich forests towards Meesappulimala can be a visual treat for each traveler.

Exotic Flora And Fauna

Meesappulimala attracts not only adventure lovers but it also a favorite place for many nature lovers and wildlife photographers. With exotic flora and fauna, many nature lovers also love to travel through the forests of this region in addition to trekkers. It is also a preferred destination for wildlife photographers because they can spot many rare animal species here. Many bird watchers also visit this hilly area regularly. Travelers who are lucky enough can spot several rare wildlife species like Nilgiri Tahr, wolves and sometimes even herds of elephants.

Sudden Popularity

Meesappulimala has been famous among trekking enthusiasts since 2003. However, this place becomes popular among common people after the release of the movie Charlie in 2015. In this Dulquer Salman starrer movie, the hero Charlie’s question, “’ Have you seen the snowfall in Meesappulimala?’ made the place popular. Before that, only professional hikers from different parts of the world visit this spot. Many travelers started to trek in order to watch the snowfall in Meesappulimala after the release of Charlie. Around 400 people visit this destination every month belonging to different age groups now.

Online Booking Facility

If you plan trekking to Meesappulimala, just visit the website of KFDC Munnar to make your booking online. Travelers can also find several KFDC-recognized tour operators who help them to trek to the exotic peak legally. You need to take prior permission from the Forest Department in order to trek through the forest to reach Meesappulimala. KFDC Munnar website issue 20 passes each day for the passengers. They will not permit more than 60 passengers in a day for trekking to this destination. The rest of the passes can be collected from private tour operators.

Base Camp

The base camp to this majestic spot is located in Silent Valley almost 6000 feet above sea level in Munnar. The Forest Department offers attractive tour packages for trekkers. They offer 2 types of passes and both the passes offer food and accommodation. They arrange your stay in tents or campfires. Your trekking to enjoy snowfall in Meesappulimala can be a beautiful and memorable experience. The trek usually starts at 8.30 am and ends at 4 pm.

Meesappulimala is a great trekking spot and this activity will give you a lifetime experience. This is the right destination for people who love adventure and nature. Many people prefer this spot because of its affordable adventure trekking. Get allured by the beauty of Mother Nature by planning to trek to Meesapulimala.

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