Sholayar Dam

Sholayar Dam, the second deepest dam in Asia is a great tourist attraction in Kerala, which is nearly 20 kilometers away from Valparai. Located on the Athirapally – Valparai road, this dam is a part of the Hydroelectric Project of Tamil Nadu. People who visit the majestic Athirapally Waterfalls also love to pay a visit to enjoy the scenic nature surrounding this dam. Full of amazing natural beauty, visiting this region shall be a refreshing experience for each person. Get more details about Sholayar Dam and book your taxi to reach this destination by visiting our website

A Largest Rock Dam In Asia

Measuring nearly 29 kilometers in length, the Sholayar Dam is the second largest rock dam in the continent of Asia. People love to visit this region in order to enjoy its pristine nature. Chalakudy Town is only 60 kilometers away from this tourist spot. This dam has two reservoirs, the upper dam and lower dam. The most striking feature of this dam is that the Upper part is located in the Tamil Nadu state whereas its lower area is a part of Kerala. Surrounded by enchanting forest, Lower Sholayar dam is a lifeline of many people in the state.

Full Of Natural Beauty

Located in the middle of forest, a trip to the Sholayar Dam gives each visitor the chance to enjoy many unique flora and fauna. This important reservoir is under the Parambikulam-Aliyar Project. The scenic nature surrounding the dam can be ideal to take beautiful photographs. Many nature photographers find it an excellent place to capture great snaps. A striking feature of this dam is that visitors can drive around in its entire length and breath. The road from Athirapally to Valparai provides astonishing views of the water body of this dam.

Sholayar dam is nearly 20 kilometers away from the Valparai Town. It is interesting to know that this dam crisscrosses a large area from the actual setting of the dam to the Valparai town. The banks of this dam are decorated with rich green tea gardens or evergreen forests. Even if there is no great tourist infrastructure in this place, visitors can enjoy memorable picnic on the banks of this dam. Enjoy the beauty of the nature by driving through the winding roads that link Chalakudy to Valparai. The magnificent hills that surround Sholayar dam make it an enchanting tourist spot in Kerala.

How To Reach

Located near 70 kilometers away from the Thrissur Town, visiting the Sholayar Dam can be a wonderful experience. It remains full during the monsoon season and visitors love to hear the sound of the falling waters. This tourist spot is only 31 kilometers from the famous Athirapally and about 20 kilometers from the Valparai Town. The Chalakudy Town is approximately 60 kilometers from the Sholayar Dam. Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve are also worth visiting during your trip to this picnic spot.

Best Time To Visit

Even if people can visit the Sholayar Dam throughout the year, the most comfortable time to visit this area is from December to February. Winter months are most suitable to visit this region because of the dry weather.

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