Sand Boarding And Skiing Abu Dhabi

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Then you are in the right place. Sand boarding and skiing in Abu Dhabi is just for you. If you belong to the group of adventurous people, you will love to join for desert safaris. People who come to the Middle East region never forget to enjoy desert safaris and camel safaris during their holidays. Sand boarding and skiing is the latest craze for people who are adventurous.

Sand skiing is among the favourite sports of people who come to Abu Dhabi because of the great golden sandy dune areas. It provides an excellent base for people who love to enjoy adrenaline rush and adventurous sport on a sand board. Sand skiing has the same features of snowboarding and in this activity also involves strap the feet on to a sand board and ride down the sand dune. The benefit of this sport activity is that one can enjoy it throughout the year while snowboarding is seasonal.

You will truly enjoy sand skiing in the beautiful desert of Abu Dhabi in the midst of the galore of sand dunes. When it comes to sand boarding and skiing, United Arab Emirates provides abundant space to enjoy this thrilling sport. In fact, tourists never fail to enjoy this sport while they are holidaying in the UAE capital.

The piles of enchanting golden sands will certainly attract people to get on to a sand board and enjoy a ride on the beautiful sandy curves in the deserts. There are many hotels in the country provide excellent facilities to enjoy this sport for the adventure loving people. They can relax at the Bedouin tents arranged by these hotels and enjoy different sports if they are daring to play with these curvy sand dunes.

If you are among those people who fond of speed and have the interest for unusual, then sand skiing is just for you. In fact, skiing in the sand dunes can be a unique experience and you will never forget the thrill that you have enjoyed while sand skiing. All you need to do is to strap your feet on the sand board, take a deep breath and enjoy the sport.

If you are new to this sport, you can take the assistance of trained instructors for your safety. In order to enjoy this sport, what all you need is plenty of energy. Enjoy the excitement of sand boarding and skiing and simply allow getting your clothes sanded. This sport is adventurous people like you.


Abu Dhabi has always lived under the shadow of the city of Dubai. Now, Abu Dhabi has emerged into a popular tourist hub with a wide range of attractions, the most famous of which is the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. A visit to Abu Dhabi is incomplete without venturing on an Abu Dhabi desert safari.

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