River Periyar

The Periyar River is the longest river in the Indian state of Kerala. It is 244 kilometers (152 miles) long and originates in the Sivagiri hills of the Western Ghats. The river flows through the Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Idukki district before emptying into the Arabian Sea.

The Periyar River is a vital source of water for Kerala. It provides drinking water for several major towns, including Idukki, Kottayam, and Ernakulam. The river is also used for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and tourism.

The Periyar River is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the most important tiger reserves in India. The river is also home to elephants, leopards, deer, monkeys, and birds.

The Periyar River is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can go boating, fishing, and camping along the river. The Periyar Tiger Reserve is also a popular tourist destination for wildlife viewing.

Kerala is a beautiful Indian state. Many travelers visit here to enjoy its beautiful attractions. There are many rivers, beaches, backwaters, mountains and forests in this state.  Long rivers are certainly an attraction of Kerala. This state has 44 rivers. Periyar is the longest river in the state. Water in this river used for different purposes. In fact, this river helps for the financial growth of the Kerala state.

Periyar – The Longest River

River Periyar originates from the Sahyadri Hills.  Periyar means big river in the local language. This long river in Kerala has a length of 244 kilometers.  Many people on its banks use the river water for drinking.  This river also has a strong releasing capacity.

Periyar – Lifeline of Kerala

Periyar helps the people in Kerala in different ways. This river is truly the lifeline of the state. A lot of people use the water in Periyar for homely uses.  It also uses for irrigation. Periyar River is also rich in fishery.  A lot of industries are there along the banks of Periyar River. In fact, around 25% of industries in the state are on the banks of river.

Idukki Dam

River Periyar plays an important role in the economy of Kerala. The famous Idukki Dam in the state is built across this river. It is the largest hydroelectric project in the state.  In fact, this river helps to produce a good portion of the electrical power of Kerala. This is an Indo-Canadian project. Besides, it is the second biggest dam in the world.

Rich Flora And Fauna

The main source of river Periyar is the Sivagiri Hills in the Western Ghats. The river flows into the Periyar Lake through the famous Periyar National Park. This Lake is man-made. A wildlife sanctuary surrounds this lake. There are many rare wild animals in it. You can watch elephants, monkeys, tigers and other animals at this sanctuary.

Tourist Attractions

There are many popular tourist attractions on the banks of Periyar. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady is the main tourist spot on the banks of this river. This wildlife sanctuary is a tiger reserve since 1978. Here you can watch some rare species of flora and fauna. Simply plan a boating in the Periyar Lake to watch wildlife at close quarters. Many temples and religious places are there on the banks of this river.

Periyar, the longest river in Kerala has great importance to the economy of the state. It flows in Tamil Nadu as well. Rich rainforests are there within the Periyar Tiger Reserve. These regions are ecologically varied.

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