Kerala Responsible Tourism

We, Karmic Seven United believe in Responsible Tourism to respect and protect all the beautiful travel destinations in the world.

Kerala is truly a tourism trendsetter in India and among the must-see places on the national and international map. The state is blessed with plenty of natural resources, understanding entrepreneurial community, efficient professionals and academicians, skilled manpower, huge number of micro enterprises, local-self-governments, responsible media and approachable tourism industry. The availability of all these things makes a perfect background for Kerala to apply and practice ‘responsible Tourism’.

Adopting healthy practices for the tourism industry has become a necessity today rather than a choice. Karmic Tourism take all the measures to exploit the potential of tourism and minimizes the bad effects arises due to the application of unmethodical tourism. We also believe in the concept of ‘triple bottom-line’ responsibilities, that is, social, economic and environmental responsibility, to improve the social and economic wellbeing of local people.

Responsible Tourism covers all types of tourism and encourages reducing negative impacts in social, economic and environmental levels. It provides several positive contributions for the maintenance of diversity and conservation of the cultural and natural heritage in the world. Even though the concept of responsible tourism emerged since 1996, a detailed picture of it developed after the Cape Town Declaration of 2002.

Karmic Tourism sticks to the Cape Town Declaration 2002 on Responsible Tourism:

  • Reducing negative economic, social and environmental impacts.
  • Creating better economic benefits for locals.
  • Improve the well being of host communities.
  • Make better working conditions and access to the Tourism industry.
  • Participation of local people for taking decision affecting their lives and situations.
  • Making constructive contributions for the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and protection of diversity.
  • Providing access for physically challenged people.
  • Providing better holiday experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a deep understanding of local social, cultural and environmental issues.
  • Maintain a respectful relation between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence.

Karmic Tourism always adhered to the commitments of Responsible Tourism and you can see that in all its activities. All our tourism projects have involvement of local people and they get benefited from that. With experienced and well educated tour designers, travelers can find excellent holidays in Kerala.

Tourists can enjoy an amazing travel experience in Kerala through the responsible tourism activities of Karmic Tourism. Since each of our projects has local involvement, travelers can acquire excellent local tour experience during their visit to Kerala.

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