PowerBoat Racing in Abu Dhabi

UIM Formula One PowerBoat Racing in Abu Dhabi, something extraordinary.

The adventure sport Power boat racing is a popular and thrilling activity that the visitors of Abu Dhabi love to indulge. As you know this striking UAE capital is a leading tourist destination in the world that offers plenty of attractions and activities to promote tourism in the country. This sport activity is a favourite of the people in the United Arab Emirates as their national teams compete in the national and international level. They are among the prominent players in the World Power boat racing.

If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, then Abu Dhabi is the right place for you with plenty of thrilling activities. The country is the first one in the Middle East that conducts the Formula One UIM Power Boat Race. This is the main reason why this sport activity got recognition in the field of international sports. You can enjoy Power Boat racing in Abu Dhabi in the month of May every year.

Competitors from different areas of the country as well from other parts of the world participate for this boat race and you can experience a festival atmosphere in the city during this time. Visitors can enjoy live entertainment of international performers at the time of Power Boat race. Another attraction during the boat race competition is the mind-blowing display of fireworks.

In Abu Dhabi, Power Boat racing has almost the same spirit of Formula One car racing. People from across the globe come to Abu Dhabi to enjoy F1 Powerboat World Championship race just like the car race. The championship race of power boat racing take place annually in 13 venues throughout the world and one venue is Abu Dhabi. Watching the race is certainly an extraordinary experience for the viewers.

Hull catamarans of 20 foot tunnel are using for the power boat race in Abu Dhabi. This boat can reach up to a speed of 250 km/hr. In fact, they are powerful vessels which have the capacity to cover a maximum of 160 km/hr in 4 seconds. People who are enthusiasts of power boat racing come to Abu Dhabi in the month of May to enjoy the sport and experience the thrill of this sport activity.

Abu Dhabi is popular for different types of adventurous water sports and if you are among those who wish to rise their adrenaline pumping can visit the country to enjoy Power Boat Racing. The city has the perfect atmosphere and climate to enjoy the thrilling power boat racing. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a water sports activity that is unique and exhilarating.

Power Boat Racing is an adventure sport that is very popular in Abu Dhabi. It has a very special place in the heart of Abu Dhabi people because the national teams of United Arab Emirates are competing both at home and abroad and is a prominent player in World Power boat racing. Abu Dhabi is the first city in the Middle East to conduct the UIM Formula one Power Boat Race. And as a result, it got great recognition in the international sporting arena. Every year Power Boat Racing is held in the month of May.

Powerboat Racing Competition on Abu Dhabi Holiday

Competitors arrive here from near and far and the entire city emanates the atmosphere of festival, where the international performers give live entertainment. There is also beautiful display of fireworks which the crowd appreciates much.

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