Paul And Mike: Exquisite Chocolates Crafted with Premium Ingredients

Paul And Mike is a brand devoted to creating exquisite chocolates of superior quality. Their tagline, “From Farm to Bar: Chocolates Crafted with Premium Cocoa and Genuine Ingredients,” underscores their dedication to excellence and transparency.

It is no coincidence that Paul and Mike, a home-grown chocolate maker headquartered in the village of Kadayiruppu in Kerala, is named after two cacao farmers from Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Here’s a breakdown of what sets Paul And Mike apart:

  • Product Range: They offer a diverse selection of chocolate bars featuring distinctive flavors such as Alphonso Mango and Sitaphal (custard apple) in their milk chocolate range, alongside dark chocolate variations with different cocoa solid percentages, including vegan options. Their offerings also include intriguing flavor combinations like Sichuan pepper and orange peel or gin and candied ginger.
  • Ingredient Quality: With a focus on premium cocoa and other natural ingredients, Paul And Mike ensures the highest quality in their chocolates.
  • Availability: While primarily available in India, Paul And Mike chocolates can be conveniently purchased online through platforms like and SPRIG, with the possibility of finding them in select specialty stores.

For chocolate enthusiasts seeking new and exciting indulgences, Paul And Mike promises a delightful experience worth exploring!

Synthite Industries Pvt. Ltd, Synthite Valley, Kolenchery, Kerala
Email :
Phone +91 7306821979

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