Parunthum Para

Parunthum Para is a small village in Idukki district surrounded by rich greenery and large rocks located between Thekkady and Peermedu. The region is famous for its enchanting nature. Each visitor should appreciate its marvelous views of the mountains. It is a favorite spot for many holidaymakers and nature lovers. Just visit Parunthum Para if you plan a trip to Thekkady. Since this destination is on the way to Thekkady, it is convenient for travelers to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent tourist spot.

Mesmerizing Tourist Spot

The astounding natural beauty makes Parunthum Para a must-visit picnic spot in Idukki. Travelers can spend a few hours in the lap of Mother Nature by visiting this hill. It must be a mesmerizing experience for them to watch the awe-inspiring vistas of the mountain ranges from this spot. The nearby green valleys are also fascinating. You will get the feel of entering into a paradise when you watch the floating clouds and mist at Parunthum Para.

A Unique Name

Nature is at its best at Parunthum Para. The serene and charming grasslands at this region truly fascinate nature lovers from across the globe. The big rocks surrounding the region are also quite attractive. Parunthu means eagle in the local language, Malayalam. Para means rock and the word Parunthum Para means Eagle Rock. The place might get its name because of the unique shape of the rock. It has the shape of an eagle. This hilly region is only 6 kilometers away from Peermedu.

Eye Catching Greenery

One of the great attractions of Parunthum Para is its majestic greenery. The vast stretch of greenery is truly a hallmark of this destination. It is amazing to watch the beauty of low-lying areas from a bird’s view point. Visitors can even watch the thick forests of Sabarimala from this hill. Many people gather here in order to watch the famous “Makara Jyothi”. Just travel only 3 kilometers from the National Highway 220 to reach this picnic spot.


As a tourist destination between Thekkady and Peermedu, reaching Parunthum Para can be easy for travelers. You need to cover around 25 kilometers from Kumily to reach this scenic place. Peermedu is around 6 kilometers from this picnic spot. The nearest airport to visit Parunthum Para is Kochi/Cochin International Airport while the nearest railway station is Kottayam.

Parunthum Para is a scenic location in Idukki and visiting the region can be a beautiful experience. People love this place because of its refreshing greenery and panoramic nature. So, get more information about this destination and plan your trip to Idukki through our website

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