Overnight Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Overnight Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a scintillating day of fun, adventure and entertainment to explore the vast deserts of Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. Overnight desert safari is the most sought out activity in Abu Dhabi. It helps you enjoy the beauty of the Arabian deserts even when you have a busy schedule.

Experience the magical aura of the Arabian deserts through the Overnight Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. It will start at 4pm in the evening and will continue till 9am in the morning. It gives you a lifetime opportunity to relax in the Bedouin style camp in the middle of the desert. It gives you first-hand information about the Bedouin lifestyle.

The first activity of the Overnight Abu Dhabi Desert Safariis the dune bashing activity that will last for about twenty minutes. You can ride on a luxurious SUV and be thrilled with the dune bashing experience. It is a thrilling adventure that gives you a genuine insight into the challenging conditions of the desert. It will also provide an outlook about the beauty and mystical allure of the desert. During the dune bashing, four wheelers will take you on a roller-coaster ride over the irresistible high sand dunes which will turn out into an exhilarating experience even to the most indifferent travellers. The pinnacles of the high sand dunes will provide you with a panoramic view of the eternally spread desert. You can also go for sand boarding adventure.

The vista of the sunset in the desert is truly a memorable experience. Enjoy this beautiful visual treat of nature through the Overnight Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. After this you will be taken to the Bedouin camp site in the desert where you will welcomed by the authentic Arabic environment and Arabic refreshments. You can relax for a while in the cozy cushions and pillows in the campsite. A campfire will be lit and preparations for evening meal will start before your eyes.

You can enjoy the traditional falconry displays, which are done by expert falconers who still practice this age old craft. If you are not so exhausted, you can go on for a camel ride. Henna painting, a traditional delicious Arabian barbeque and beautiful dances by the belly dancers are the entertainments of the evening, which will provide you a beautiful eventful day.

At night, you can lay in the vast sands and gaze at the millions of stars in the sky. You can rest for the night at the Bedouin campsite. Come the morning and experience the loveable vista of the sunrise. You will be given refreshments and breakfast in the morning. Then you will be dropped at the hotel by 9am.

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