MUTTIL KAVU Festival Kannur

Muttil Kavu

Muttil Kavu Festival in Kannur: A Vibrant Celebration

The Muttil Kavu Festival, a lively and colorful event, takes place annually in the Kannur district of Kerala, India. Celebrated in February at the Muttil Kavu Temple dedicated to the goddess Bhagavathy, the festival commemorates the goddess’s triumph over the demon Darika.

Festival Highlights

Commencing with a flag-hoisting ceremony, the festival incorporates religious rituals and cultural performances. The Theyyam, a traditional Kerala dance form, steals the spotlight as performers, adorned in intricate costumes, reenact the goddess’s fierce battle with the demon.

Historical Roots

With a history spanning over a millennium, the Muttil Kavu Festival originated as a modest local event. Over time, it has evolved into a major celebration drawing attendees from across Kerala.

Religious Significance

As a religious event honoring the goddess Bhagavathy, worshipped widely in Hinduism for her protective and benevolent nature, the festival serves as a time for devotees to come together, seeking blessings for health, prosperity, and happiness.

Cultural Extravaganza

Beyond its religious aspect, the Muttil Kavu Festival showcases the rich cultural traditions of Kerala. Featuring performances such as Theyyam, Kathakali, and Mohiniyattam, the festival becomes a platform for preserving and passing on Kerala’s diverse cultural heritage.

Economic Impact

The festival holds economic significance for the Kannur district, attracting a substantial number of tourists who contribute to the local economy through expenditures on accommodations, dining, and other businesses.

Visit Information

  • Location: Muttil Kavu Temple is situated in the Pazhayangadi area, approximately 2 kilometers from Kannur railway station and 3 kilometers from the bus stand.
  • Transportation: Auto rickshaws, taxis, and nearby bus stops offer convenient access to the temple.
  • Accommodation: Numerous hotels and guesthouses in Kannur cater to visitors with varying accommodation options and rates.
  • Dining: A variety of restaurants and street food vendors in Kannur provide diverse culinary experiences.

Visitor Tips

  1. Timing: Plan visits during the festival for an enriched experience.
  2. Attire: Dress modestly, respecting the temple’s cultural context.
  3. Respect: Be mindful of local religious customs and traditions.
  4. Security: Take precautions with belongings due to potential crowds.
  5. Shopping: Bargain wisely when exploring stalls near the temple.


The Muttil Kavu Festival is not just a religious celebration but a dynamic cultural event in Kannur, Kerala, uniting people in faith and heritage.

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