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In Malayalam, moon-aar literally means three rivers. Munnar lies at the confluence of the Nallthanni and Kundale streams, which join the Muthirapuzha River, which cascades out of the hills into the Periyar River and later, the Arabian Sea.

Munnar lies at the heart of Kerala’s tea production. Here, over 12,000 hectares of manicured tea fields form an irresistible canvas. The stately eucalyptus plantations, sprawling alongside the fields of tea, fuel the many tea factories in the vicinity, swaying gently in the wind, their fragrance wafting all over Munnar. Shola trees hug the mist-shrouded hillsides, sheltering several endangered species of plants and animals.

Indeed, Munnar offers activities in picturesque surroundings, with wild animals to be spotted, golf to be played, and trout fishing to enjoy. For the more adventurous, there is the challenge of climbing the 8841-ft-high Mt Anaimudi, which towers majestically over the town, offering spectacular views.

The offerings of this region are endless, even if lazing around far from the maddening crowd is the need of the hour. There is no better place than Munnar to put one’s feet up, and enjoy fortifying cups of tea and idyllic surroundings, with a breath of fresh air.

A haven of peace and tranquillity, Munnar is South India’s largest tea-growing region. The place used to be the favored summer resort of the erstwhile British rulers. This picturesque little hill station still sustains its old-world charm. The best thing about the place is the magnificent low mountain scenery – you get to be above the clouds, watching veils of mist clinging to the mountaintops. And Neelakurinji, a mysterious violet flower, offers a rare sight every 12 years, covering the hills in a scenic blanket of violet, when it blossoms.

Kannan Devan Tea Museum / Tata Tea Museum

TATA Tea Museum

Run by Tata Tea, the Munnar Tea Museum traces the evolution of the tea industry in Munnar from the 1880s. It houses an interesting array of relics, from historical photographs and pieces of period furniture. At the adjacent tea-processing unit, one is introduced to the various stages of tea production and the intricacies of tea-tasting.

Entry: Adults Rs. 125.00, Children Rs.40.00
Timings 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM, Closed Monday
Tel 04868-255000
Photography Rs.20.00

The Kannan Devan Tea Museum transports you through the trajectory of events that made Munnar a treasured tea plantation junction since the late 1800s. The small six-room museum documents history through various artifacts and supplements the exhibits with a half-hour audio-visual show. The trip includes a guided tour of the tea factory behind the museum and free tea tasting.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park

The Kanan Devan Hills of Munnar are home to the Eravikulam National Park, aimed at the conservation of the endangered Nilgiri tahr (a type of mountain goat). These elusive creatures, native to the Western Ghats, are adept at traversing the steep hillsides of the Nilgiris.

Just 16km from Munnar, Eravikulam is 97sq km and comprises large stretches of grassland with sporadic clusters of Shola forests. The Rajmala section (southern zone) of the park is open to visitors, except during the February-April breeding season of the tahrs. Personal vehicles are allowed on this route. A few guided walking trails have also been chalked out in the forest. The highest peak of the Nilgiri hills, Anamudi (2690m), also lies inside the park.

Phone : +91 4865 231587
Entry Time : 7:30 am – 4.00 pm
Entrance Fee : Indian Rs. 55.00 ( Adult ) Rs. 45.00 ) Children ) Foreigners Rs. 240.00
Ordinary Camera Rs. 25.00 Video / Movie Rs. 200.00

Munnar Rose Garden

Munnar Rose Garden, also known as Munnar Floriculture Centre is a must-visit attraction in Munnar. Visitors can enjoy varieties of herbal plants and flowers at this picnic spot.

The meticulously managed Floriculture Centre makes for a short stop on the way to Top Station. A neatly paved, narrow one-way pathway ensures that you see the entire collection of flowers. Needless to say, that this is one of the most photo-friendly places with visitors clicking away against the backdrop of dazzling colours.

Top Station

Top Station

Kerala’s border with Tamil Nadu affords spectacular views over the Western Ghats. Peer down the plummeting valley from a high windy point at Top Station while the misty blue mountains straddling the border keep you company on all sides.

Unfortunately, the upkeep of the place is a slight disappointment, though nothing diminishes the beauty of the panoramic view. En route to Top Station, you should stop at Echo Point where you can shout your lungs out (or preferably watch others) at a lakeside.

Attukad Falls

Attukad Waterfalls

The Attukad Falls are located deep in a valley, approximately 8 km from Munnar. At the height of the monsoons in July and August, these waterfalls become a roaring, untamed cascade. A narrow bridge, which needs to be negotiated carefully, spans the gorge.

Pack some snacks and head 9 km out of Munnar towards Pallivasal to the Attukad Waterfalls cascading across the tea plantations. They are especially spectacular after the rains (Jun-Sep) and make a great setting for a lazy picnic. However, at the height of summer, the waterfall is barely a trickle. There are two other cascades that acquire remarkable proportions during the monsoons. The Cheeyapara Falls plunge from a height of over 500ft right next to the highway, a popular bathing site for tourists eager to rid themselves of the grime of the plains. Another kilometer down the road, the equally impressive Valara Falls cascade tumultuously into the thickly forested ravine below the road.

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam

At a spectacular height of 160ft, the Mattupetty Dam has a vast reservoir, which picturesquely extends several kilometers into the hills. Boating here is an exhilarating experience and offers occasional sightings of elephants, gaur, and sambar as an added bonus.

Five-seater speedboats and 20-seater launches are available for expeditions onto the water. The tranquil green waters of the Mattupetty Dam meet you as you wend your way to Top Station. They warrant a quick picture or snack stop, with a fantastic view from the bridge that runs across it. The reservoir ( Mattupetty Dam ) is also known to be one of the visiting grounds of elephants in the region.

Marayoor Sandal Forest


Marayoor is a beautiful town in Idukki district which is almost 50 kilometers from Munnar. This pristine and unexplored tourist spot is famous as a hub of sandalwood trees. People love to visit this rain shadow village because of its pleasant climate and outstanding natural beauty. If you head north of Munnar towards Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, a vast copse of natural sandalwood trees at Marayur meets you 42km from the town.

Though you can’t enter the forest, you can see the beautifully maintained thicket of trees by the Forest Department from outside. Several tribal groups inhabit in Marayoor and most of them basically engaged in agriculture. Many travelers love to visit the tribal settlements during their trip to this destination in order to get an idea about their lifestyle.

Muniyara Dolmens

Muniyara is a must-visit spot near Marayoor in Munnar where you can see the dolmens that tell the unique history of Stone Age civilization. It locates almost 52 kilometers away from Munnar in a panoramic village on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.

On the Chinnar route, yet another wonder lies off Marayur: the ancient burial grounds or dolmens. Locally known as ‘muniyaras’, these Neolithic stone formations lie on a vast rocky platform and unfold interesting aspects of prehistoric life. There is no tourism infrastructure here except for a single board leading you to the location. Muniyaras are the burial chambers that date back to Stone Age worth visiting during your Munnar trip.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit destination for travelers to Munnar. Locates in the Idukki district in Kerala, this is an excellent place to enjoy rich wildlife in its natural habitats. Eighty kilometers from Munnar, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is relatively unexplored.

The vast expanse of semi-deciduous forests is home to an impressive number of wildlife species like the grizzled giant squirrel, the Nilgiri tahr, leopards, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, and a variety of birds. The only way to see the forest is on foot, with a guide. This is organized by Tribal Trackers Eco Development Committee (office at the check post). Book for a trek upfront at the Munnar office. And if you are feeling especially adventurous, you can also stay overnight in one of the three types of accommodation available; Tree House, Log House, and Hut.

This is truly for the adventurous as there is no electricity at night and no toilets in the tree house. You need to walk anywhere between 3 – 7 KM to reach the latter.

C.S.I Christ Church

Carrying the legacy of a century, C.S.I Christ Church is the most revered place of worship in Munnar. It was constructed in 1910 using hewn granites and has various memorial brass plaques. Designed in the Gothic style of architecture, this Christ church has stained glass depicting Biblical characters.

Various third and fourth-generation descendants of British planters still visit this attraction in Munnar to trace the history of their ancestors. Today, it is the head of CSI Munnar Pastorate with over a thousand Tamil families and 18 churches. You can capture the serene surroundings of the church and its ancient history with your camera. It makes for a rather captivating click. Historical Context: The history of CSI Christ Church goes back to the missionaries who arrived here in the early 20th century. Young Ilianor Knight, wife of Henry Knight was the first to be buried here.

The church was built in her memory in front of a small hill. Later, it was made an exclusive cemetery for British planters. Before the church was constructed, there was a graveyard at the back of the present structure where many Britishers were laid to rest. The site of the church was consecrated by Rt. Rev. Noel Hodges on April 15th, 1900. The church’s foundation stone was laid in March 1910 by Sir A.K. Muir. It was inaugurated on 16th April 1911 by Rev. W.F.B Hoysted, the then priest.

Lockhart Gap

Lockhart Gap

The Lockhart Gap offers a bird’s-eye view of Bison Valley (so named for a former preponderance of gaur in the area) and the surrounding hills up to Thekkady. It is also an ideal location for a picnic. Lockhart Gap (often spelled wrongly as Lock Heart Gap), just 13 km from Munnar, is an ideal place for adventure tourism and trekking.

The fresh mountain air, the mist-clad hills, and the panoramic view make it worthy of a visit. Located at a distance of 13 km from Munnar, this magnificent vantage point lies close to Mattupetty. This place offers some amazing views of the mist-clad blue hills covered with lush greenery, winding roads, and silver brooks splashing the emerald greenery with white streaks. The salubrious climate and picturesque surroundings make it one of the most preferred locations to visit in Munnar.



Kolukkumalai is a scenic part of Munnar located at the Bodinayakkanur Thaluk in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu that attracts tourists with its majestic beauty. Kolukkumalai, about 38 km from Munnar and accessible only by jeep, the trip itself is an experience to opt for.

The hilltop offers some excellent views of the plains, far off, bordering Tamil Nadu. The rolling acres of tea presents itself as the best place to take a stroll through, as the mist slips in and out, every once in a while. An adventure-guided tour in jeeps of the age-old tea factory would definitely be highly recommended. One can get a jeep ride from the foothill starting point.

The Spice Garden

The Spice Garden offers you more reasons to grow and go greener. Actually, a hands-on museum and the exhibits featured here are genuinely different. They range from specimens of exotic flora found in the Western Ghats to a wide variety of tea, cardamom, and coffee. The unique spice garden was founded with a vision to preserve and showcase some of the finest and the most fascinating features of the genesis and growth of the exotic flora that Munnar and other regions of Western Ghats house, including various varieties of tea. The garden also serves as a museum that displays curios, photographs, and other memorabilia of varied importance.

Spice Plantation Tour Take a tour of the spice plantations or gardens in Munnar or Thekkady. Taste some authentic black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and exotic vanilla, and explore the farms on a nature walk.

Timing 9 – 5 pm, Entry Rs. 100.00 Munnar is a magnificent tourist destination in Kerala located on the Western Ghats. There are many splendid things in Munnar that make it a perfect hill station to visit like its pleasant weather, sprawling tea plantations, misty mountains, and excellent accommodation facilities. It is a perfect hideaway from the hot and humid city. Choose this hill station for some refreshing holidays.

Lockhart Tea Factory

Lockhart Tea Factory

Visit This working tea factory, 15 km from Munnar, is the only one in the region open to the public. Guided tours of the 160-year-old factory explain modern tea processing from picking to export. There’s also a small museum, nursery, gardens, tastings, and a shop.

The Lockhart Tea Estate factory is owned and managed by Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. A visit to the tea factory gives one an insight into the fascinating process of tea making. The different levels involved will sum up the doubts of how the tea you drink is actually made.

Timing 9-5 pm, Monday closed; Entry Rs. 100.00

Dream Land Adventure and Fun Park

Dream Land Fun and Adventure Park Munnar

Dream Land Fun Park is an extraordinary combination of a fun park, a water park, and adventurous rides. Dreamland opened its door on 20th August 2010 for people with “Happiness as a Goal“ and “Adventure as the priority” in a naturally gifted place.

In earlier days Dreamland was just a spice park with Elephant safari, which then later reformed as space for adventure with 40 + activities like Polaris ATVs, Sky Walk, Rope Way, Belt Swing, Mechanical Bull ride, Human Slingshot, Burma Bridge, Camel ride, Bungee Trampoline, Slingshot, Spider net, Suspension Bridge, Off-road cycling , Horror House, 7D Theater and many more

Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park

Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park

Wonder Valley Amusement Park Munnar is the newly started amusement park situated at a distance of 13 km from Munnar. Wonder Valley Anachal is a place where you are welcomed by the refreshing breeze from the valley, recreate and rejoice yourself and feel the wonders hidden between woods and waters.

Wonder Valley the best fun forest adventure and amusement park in the hills of Munnar warmly welcomes everyone to enjoy, explore and enliven themselves with nature. Situated on acres of land Wonder Valley offers a wide range of adventurous and fun activities.

Night Safari – Chinnar / Marayoor

Would you like to spot wild rabbits, bison, boar, and deer in the wild? Or, how about a herd of elephants? Or, better still, an occasional leopard? Chinnar / Marayoor is the place to be. One of the highly popular eco-tourism spots in Kerala, the place has guided tours in open jeeps.

Elephant Ride Indulge in an exciting ride on elephants. Turn on the adventurer in you. Experience the pure thrill of embarking on an exciting elephant ride in Munnar with your loved ones on your next adventure and revel in the amazing scenery of the place! The friendly giants will take you on a fun one-hour tour of the beautiful expanse of Munnar.

Get your cameras ready as you witness the amazing scenery of Munnar, along with the serene tea plantations, the wildly green hills and the beautiful mountain peaks such as the Anamudi Peak, and many more exciting sightseeing places that will leave you in awe of the wonders that lie hidden in the chest of this lovely hill station!

Experience the child-like joy as you engage in a fun and exciting elephant ride and embark on a nature tour of the different and unique spots in Munnar!

Ayurveda Massage


Munnar’s cool hill station climate and natural abundance of forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda’s curative and restorative packages. Traditional texts reveal that the cold monsoon weather is the best season for rejuvenation programs.

Munnar with its cool and dust-free atmosphere, provides the ideal backdrop all year round for this rejuvenation and healing therapy.


Kathakali Performance

The trip to Munnar would not be complete without witnessing a soulful recital of the Kathakali dance form. Famous the world over as Indian Classical Dance Drama, this skillful combination performing art combines literature (mainly based on the epics of India) music (vocal & instrumental), charming costumes, elaborate facial makeup (Chutti), acting & dancing and are performed by highly trained and skilled artists.

The character’s mental status is depicted through his/her costume, facial makeup, and expressions. While it’s important to be an audience to this moving rendition, it may also be equally interesting to watch the Kathakali artists don their makeup. There are quite a few places in Munnar that offer regular Kathakali performances.

Kathakali & Kalari Centres in Munnar
Kalari Kshethra Chithirapuram South, Munnar, Kerala Tel.: 04865 263934, Mob 9497005888
Punarjani Traditional Village Munnar 2nd Mile, Pallivasal, Munnar Phone : 04865 216161, 263888, 9895999701
Punarnava Cultural Centre Chinnakanal (Near Club Mahindra Hotel) Ph. 04868 249033, 9447585216, 9447260561



Kalaripayattu, considered to be the mother of all martial arts, is a holistic form of physical training that combines the dynamic skills of attack and defense with the secret knowledge of the Marma points. The fact that even most of the Chinese martial arts find their origin here makes it even more interesting. Artful performances of this traditional psycho-physiological discipline are regularly performed for an audience at various places in Munnar for the benefit of travellers from all over.

Elephant Ride

Indulge in an exciting ride on elephants. Turn on the adventurer in you. Experience the pure thrill of embarking on an exciting elephant ride in Munnar with your loved ones on your next adventure and revel in the amazing scenery of the place! The friendly giants will take you on a fun one-hour tour of the beautiful expanse of Munnar.

Get your cameras ready as you witness the amazing scenery of Munnar, along with the serene tea plantations, the wildly green hills and the beautiful mountain peaks such as the Anamudi Peak, and many more exciting sightseeing places that will leave you in awe of the winders that lie hidden in the chest of this lovely hill station!

Experience the child-like joy as you engage in a fun and exciting elephant ride and embark on a nature tour of the different and unique spots in Munnar!

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