Munnar Marathon 2024

Munnar Marathon 2024

Get ready for an exciting journey at Munnar Marathon 2024! Join us for the fifth edition of India’s Most Scenic Route on February 10th and 11th, 2024.

Munnar Marathon 2024 On Feb 10,11 2024
The Fifth Edition of India’s Most Picturesque Route

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure at Munnar Marathon 2024! Strap on your running shoes and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Munnar. Secure your spot now to participate in this thrilling event and push your boundaries to new limits.

The inaugural Munnar Marathon, organized by Kestrel Adventures and Holidays Pvt. Ltd., stands as a pioneering event in Idukki District, Kerala. The conception of the Munnar Marathon aimed to establish Munnar as a significant player in the sports tourism industry. Additionally, the event strives to foster the idea of healthy living, inspiring the youth of Munnar to embrace active lifestyles.

Since its inception, the Munnar Marathon has consistently adhered to the principles of sustainable practices and environmental protection. As organizers, we take pride in announcing that the upcoming edition will be carbon-neutral.

Full Marathon 42.195 km (February 11th 2024)

The 42.195 km course guides participants through captivating landscapes, including tea plantations, Shola forests, and picturesque areas in Munnar. With varying gradients, the track reaches a maximum altitude of 1850m MSL, presenting a challenging yet achievable feat for determined individuals. To ensure participants stay hydrated and in optimal condition, refreshment points will be available every 4 kilometers along the route. Course marshals and backup vehicles will be on standby to assist in case of any requirements. Barefoot runners should be aware that they will need to navigate through unpaved, tractor-accessible roads and should prepare accordingly for this terrain.

Half Marathon 21.098 km (February 11th, 2024)

The 21.098 km course is designed for novice participants in the High Altitude Marathon, serving as a means to acclimate to the challenging conditions and prepare for the upcoming Munnar Ultra run. The initial 8 kilometers follow a relatively straight path, and thereafter, the course becomes undulating, culminating at a peak altitude of 1750m MSL.

Munnar Ultra Run 71.12km (February 10th, 2024)

Embark on the challenging Munnar Ultra Run, a rigorous 71-kilometer trail that navigates the undulating terrain of Munnar. Commencing at an elevation of 1420 meters above sea level (MSL), the route winds through picturesque tea plantations, enchanting Eucalyptus groves, and the scenic Madupetty Dam, ultimately ascending to an impressive height of 2200 meters MSL.

What sets the Munnar Marathon apart?

Organized by Kestrel Adventures and Holidays Pvt. Ltd., the “Munnar Marathon” is the inaugural event of its kind in Kerala. This initiative encourages a healthier way of life, providing athletes with a platform to showcase their prowess. The marathon course, situated at high altitude, offers a serene and unpolluted environment, allowing participants to inhale crisp, fresh air. Whether you choose to walk, trek, or run along the path, the gentle embrace of mist gradually envelops you, creating an extraordinary and memorable experience.

Join Munnar Marathon

Marathons draw millions of participants worldwide, but what sets the Munnar Marathon apart? Unlike the typical tourist activities in Munnar—such as sightseeing, trekking, camping, tea plantation walks, cycling, and other adventure sports—the “Munnar Marathon” by Kestrel Adventures and Holidays Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a unique and unconventional event.

Being the first of its kind in Kerala, the Munnar Marathon is not just about physical activity; it’s a distinctive experience that combines promoting a healthy lifestyle with providing athletes the chance to showcase their skills. The marathon route takes participants through a tranquil, high-altitude path rarely explored by others. Free from traffic and pollution, the air you breathe is invigorating, adding to the overall rejuvenating experience. As you traverse the path, the mist gradually envelops you, creating an indescribable sensation that must be felt rather than explained.

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